FT #18 "Modular design with ZIO and Mythbusting Functional Programming"

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Olivia Business Centre, O4 Coworking, Wenus room

6 pm - 6:45 pm Taming complexity: modular design with ZIO

Modern applications often form complex systems with a wide range of
responsibilities. As business requirements evolve often what was once a
simple process grows to cover many scenarios and corner cases. Given
enough time, are we doomed to end up with unmaintainable codebase? Not
necessarily. Meet ZIO, a modern functional programming toolbox
specifically designed around the idea of composability.

Speaker: Piotr Gołębiewski
Scala consultant, OSS contributor, Taekwon-do adept and most importantly Dad.

6:45 pm - 7 pm Networking break with pizza :)

7 pm - 7:45 pm Mythbusting Functional Programming

Functional programming finally gained some recognition outside of academia. It's being praised and advertised by many modern programming languages, frameworks, and libraries. But at the same time, a lot of misconceptions about the topic have emerged. What does FP even mean in the first place? Is it really that hard as people say? Do I need a math degree to understand it? Do I need FP when I have OOP? Has Java became functional with Java 8? Or was it always functional, but we didn't know? This is only a small fraction of the questions you've might heard or asked yourself. In this talk, I will try to provide a reasonable answer for each of them, and hopefully a bunch of other. No more myths, no more misconceptions, no more confusion.

Speaker: Paweł Jurczenko
Software Engineer at Allegro. Has been using Scala professionally for more than 4 years. Interested in distributed systems, concurrent processing, and functional programming.