Past Meetup

FUTSAL at ROKEBY SCHOOL Canning Town Stratford Canary Wharf Jubilee Line


Price: £6.00 /per person
Location image of event venue


Hey guys, This is a beautiful facility, right next to Canning Town Station on the Jubilee Line.

It will be amazing to get 15 people together to play some indoor footy, using futsal marking and basic rules. We will operate on a winner stays on policy. 2 goals and off or maximum 5 minutes and team leading at the time stays on.

We may not get 15 people from Meetup, or even 10, but that is OK! I have a sports background and know many people who would be keen to make up numbers if there is a short fall, so don't fear, this session will always run :D!

I will bring bibs and balls, all you need to do is bring yourself and a cheeky £6

Look forwards to an amazing weekly Meet Up!