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What we’re about

5-a-side・6-a-side ・8-a-side football/futsal pick-up games for International and Japanese players.

Mixed level, men and women, everyone welcome. Enjoy football (soccer!), make friends and join our fast growing community! Expats, students, tourists, all are welcome. Many nationalities play with us. Games are run in English, but there are plenty of Japanese speakers too.

Check out the group vibe on our Instagram!

For regulars that are serious, we have links to football teams, run tournaments and more.

Where】 Private fields around Tokyo, Toyosu, Ochiaiminaminagasaki, Shibuya, Shinjuku and Ikebukuro areas.

【How much】 Around ¥2000 per player for 2 hours. (Depends on the field - check the event description)

**【Rules】**We play a mix of futsal and football rules which match the courts and community we have.

**【Format】**Check the event description, but generally players are mixed into 3-4 teams, playing 8 minute matches, balancing social time and play time.

Level】 2 main levels, Mixed level and Int+.

☆ Mixed level for fun, chill, beginners okay. Good for first timers.

☆ Int+ level INTermediate+ and INTense, no beginners. Competitive. Ideally you've played futsal/football at a high level, in a team or league.

Most players are experienced, some advanced level and play for teams. If you're a first time, message the event host when you RSVP the first time. Let them know your level. :)

Our other groups:
Kawasaki Football (Weekend 7 or 8-a-side Football)
International Football Tokyo (Weekday 11-a-side Football)

このサッカー・フットサルグループでは外国人も日本人も参加します!レベルに関わらず、男性と女性も歓迎!友達を作って楽しみながら、一緒にフットサルをしましょう! 観光客、学生、誰でも大歓迎です! 色々な国籍のプレーヤーがイベントに参加しています。 ゲームは通常英語で行われますが、日本語のスピーカーもたくさんきます。ほとんどのイベント代表者は日本語を話せます。

【場所】 東京、蒲田、豊洲、渋谷、新宿、や池袋など。

**【料金】**お一人様 ¥2000、 定員:15-25名

MIXED: 楽しくやりましょう!だれでもOK! 
INT+: 中級〜上級、ちょっとガチ!

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Upcoming events (4+)

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  • ⚽ Saturday Futsal (17:00~19:00, Double Fields) @ MIFA Football Park
    MIFA Football Park, Tokyo
    • Photo of Matthew (マシュー)🇬🇧
    • Photo of David Oenbrink
    • Photo of hiro yasuda
    • Photo of Hideaki Fujii
    • Photo of Masa
  • ⚽ Sunday Futsal (Double Courts, Mixed Level) @ BONFIM Ochiaiminaminagasak­­i
    BONFIM Ochiaiminaminagasaki 落合南長崎 , Tokyo
    • Photo of Aki
    • Photo of Matthew (マシュー)🇬🇧
    • Photo of Rita🇯🇵
    • Photo of Rob/ロブ®️
    • Photo of Robbie Swales
  • ⚽ Sunday Futsal 2 (Double Courts, Int+) @ BONFIM Ochiaiminaminagasak­­i
    BONFIM Ochiaiminaminagasaki 落合南長崎 , Tokyo
    • Photo of Aki
    • Photo of Matthew (マシュー)🇬🇧
    • Photo of Rob/ロブ®️
    • Photo of Daniel Shwan
    • Photo of IAKUPOV
  • ⚽ Beginner Futsal Training @ Shibuya Sports Center
    Shibuya Sport Center, Tokyo
    • Photo of Matthew (マシュー)🇬🇧
    • Photo of Raj
    • Photo of Toma🇫🇷
    • Photo of Rita🇯🇵
    • T