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Future Crunch provides clear, critical and intelligent thinking about the future. We offer fresh perspectives on how humanity is using science and technology to find new solutions to our biggest challenges.

We run events that bring together the best minds to cut through the noise and evaluate the consequences of converging technologies and multiple scientific breakthroughs that are 'crunching' together. We pull together, sift through and select incredible stories about how and why these changes are happening and communicate them in a way that’s entertaining, fun and friendly.

The idea for Future Crunch was born from a series of conversations between people who shared a frustration about the lack of clear and critical future thinking in Australia, We thought it was important to present a realistic, positive outlook about future trends and what they mean for society. We wanted to educate and to create a debate around our common future.

We believe that understanding and discussing the trajectory of scientific and technological progress should be something all citizens should be involved in, since these forces have the power to change the world. We want to help unlock the choices and options involved in technology’s impact on our lives, and not limit people with banal talk of revolution. That's the whole point of Future Crunch; not just to document positive change, but to inspire people to go out and make it happen.

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