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Hi, I am Steve Evert and I am a seasoned citizen (I am 68 which is the new 40?). I have founded several companies and I used to be a Software Engineer at Boeing (twice), Dickies, a big Bank and my own consulting Co. A big ticket sales leader (salesman of the year at GMC Trucks) and a Real Estate/Mortgage Broker. I just became patent pending with my latest invention which is a protective enclosure called the BERT BOX, LLC. It is a massive blunt force/high velocity projectile projective enclosure. There are several more patents that are in process. I came to the Austin area because of the best in the world heart Doc at St David’s. Right now I am a one man show and a one trick pony. I will incorporate soon and I am looking for dynamic, energetic fellow entrepreneurs that are able to have a vision and develop a burning desire. I am also looking for a co-founder and focus group members. I intend on creating millionaires. I was around in Bellevue WA at Microsoft during the time Jobs, Woznick, Gates, Allen and Ballmer were creating a new world. Zig Ziglar Said “You can have everything you want in life if you just help enough people get what they want in life.” My goal with this group is to help people figure out what they want and that they in turn can help other people get what they want. People want my new product and I need a team. I am working on a meetup soon. Any ideas anyone?

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