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High Speed Rap Session About Future Tech Problems and Solutions
Each person who comes will have 2 minutes to state a concern about tech and the future, and 2 possible solutions, even if they are silly. Then we will take 10 minutes to discuss the problem and solutions—each comment limited to 1 minute. Then we move to the next person and their 2 minute slot. If anyone wants to keep discussing the last topic you can go outside or to another room. To attend the event you must bring a topic and either be ready to speak or give the topic and two possible solutions to someone else who will speak for you (I know some people don’t like talking in public). I will be happy to speak for you if no one else is available. I would appreciate a $5 (or more!) contribution to help cover my expenses , but it is not required. It would also be great if you could please bring snacks or food to share.

Needs a location

Respond by: 2/23/2019

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    Future shock! It's here now and more is coming. AI, Nanotech, designer drugs, bio-enhancements, and on and on. Let's find ideas together about making the tech future more human, more livable.

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