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We run Forward Fooding, (http://forwardfooding.com/) a global network for entrepreneurs powered by entrepreneurs that provide the necessary support and velocity to enable collaborations and partnerships between established food organizations and startups.

With these meetups, we’re on a mission to unite the foodies and techies community in London and along the way raise awareness and discuss some of the most pressing issues affecting our food system, global food sustainability problems and inefficiencies in the food ecosystem and understand how entrepreneurship and collaborations can help solve some of them.

After having spent the last few years working in the food industry and food tech space; we recognized the variety of challenges present for businesses and consumers who are looking to operate within this industry. With these events, we want to bring together the foodie and the techie communities to enable their people to connect, share and collaborate to build new ventures at the intersection of food and technology.

These meetups will include startup pitches, keynotes with entrepreneurs and industry leaders, panel discussions, fireside chats and more. Bringing together startups and corporates alike looking to disrupt the food space through innovative, creative and sustainable solutions.

Together we aim to bridge the gap between the technology and food space. Bringing together innovators and foodies alike to tackle real human challenges.

We strongly believe Food Tech is not only an industry but a people movement and we want as many people as possible to contribute to its development… So come down and enjoy some delicious food while we sit down with some amazing companies redefining the food tech scene without compromising our taste buds, wallets or the planet!

If you're a passionate foodie, care about the impact of our food systems, or simply want to learn more about food tech, then this is the meetup for you! 👉 Check out and sign up to our next meetup here (https://www.eventbrite.com/o/forward-fooding-7790436981)

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