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Are you willing to challenge every assumption of Knowledge? Are you willing to toss out 60% of what you've learned? Welcome to the world of the science of the future and being a heretic to any current era's common assumptions.

Yes, today is no different from any previous era. We are being taught broad knowledge based on best guesses of previous era's. Upon analysis using modern research, many of these best guesses fall apart. Yet we are still taught these 'theories' in quiz format. This is true even at the academic level, where research is done only based upon previous work (best guesses). Any questions to these assumptions and you instantly become a heretic.

There are many brave and brilliant scientists both in and out of academia, with and without formal training. They have published work both in formal journals and in other media. This group's purpose is to study this work and discuss these challenge's to orthodox thought from a scientific perspective.

Questioning everything is the true nature of a skeptic. Unfortunately, the term skeptic in today's world has been co-opted in a 1984 fashion to mean upholder of orthodox knowledge. So we have to use a word to represent how true scientists are treated in such a world - heretic.

We live in an era of massive change and growth. We are just at the beginning of this era and are privy to only the first small steps. What we have witnessed over the last few decades in both science and technology will be dwarfed by what is very soon to follow. This group's purpose is to discuss and foster this evolution. We will be taking a hard look at every field of science including social sciences and 'his'tory. Assumptions include that our current science is very primitive and faulty in many places across the board. Presentations on "Meta-Level Science" on Youtube discuss some of the recent lessons learned in Computer Science on how models/computational systems/scientific systems evolve and how to cleanse these systems. Using these lessons (e.g. models are just tools, there is no one model that rules them all), we will investigate everything from multiple view points. This includes: every field of science, presentations of new technology and associated businesses, social evolution, conspiracy science, alternative medicine, and more. Our focus will be on education, analysis, evolving daily lives, and what the future will bring.

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