What we're about

"Future Thinking in Digital Marketing" is a community of marketing innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, marketing professionals, corporate & brand executives and opinion-formers who are seeking to learn and understand the sources of future digital and technology innovation.

Our vision is outlined below:

- evangelise and educate groups members on future emerging technologies which we believe are redefining and transforming the future of business in easily understood language. This includes Blockchain, Artifical Intelligence,

- recognise influential early adopters and leverage their insights, opinions and expertise

- foster and support brave entrepreneurs who are making a real impact in society for example in areas education and healthcare

- Connect members of this network to customers, people and communities who are leading the way in fields of future digital and tech innovation

- Have as much fun as possible doing all the above.

Hope you can join us for our events in 2021 and beyond

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The Outside-In Future of CX

Online event

An introductory session looking at how customers expect an automated, connected and augmented world, forcing brands to innovate in their design of future CX.

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