What we're about

The Future of Food Philadelphia (FoFPHL) is open to people of all backgrounds and disciplines who are interested in envisioning a just and equitable food future for all. We believe that the future of food is different things for different people and that there is no single solution for a just future food system.

We are a diverse group of educators, food professionals, farmers, makers, researchers, community leaders, and policymakers. Our meetups consist of thoughtful and thought-provoking discussions on various future food topics, including guest speakers, workshops, and book or article discussions. We welcome anyone who approaches the topic of food with an open mind but it should be noted that we are a diet agnostic group. If you have a specific food agenda and are not interested in being challenged, this might not be the group for you. Come check us out to learn more!

PS. Please note that while nutrition is part of our overall exploration of future food this is not a nutrition-focused group. We will also spend time deconstructing the science and social application of nutrition as a way to create a more equitable future.

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