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The future of work promises to revolutionize the way we think about skills, wages, offices, companies, and the role of the government. There are fascinating developments, from much-hyped AI initiatives to the flood of people becoming digital nomads - and testing the limits of productivity and location-independence. We want to explore how individuals and companies are approaching the future of work, for better or worse, and share them with you in a monthly Meetup. Whether you want to grow your startup with an 'augmented workforce' or are simply curious, we hope to provide you with some game-changing insights.

At present, we are lining up two speakers per Meetup - if you consider yourself (or someone you know) a pioneer in this field, please reach out to us about speaking opportunities: events@codecontrol.io

Looking forward to seeing you in the (near) future!

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Decoded: How a travel community pivoted to virtual experiences

In our third interactive talk, we’ll learn from travel community Unsettled about how they pivoted from facilitating destination retreats all across the world to bringing their global community together online with an experimental lifestyle experience. How can a company built on in-person experiences provide the same value for members in the virtual sphere? What does the future look like for digital nomads and remote workers who seek purpose through community? Joining us from his current base in Puerto Rico is Jonathan Kalan, Co-Founder & CEO of Unsettled. About Decoded The COVID-19 crisis is prompting an acceleration of digitalisation in the world of work, pushing companies to adapt their team practices, business models and service delivery in order to survive. That’s why CodeControl launched Decoded, a series of virtual conversations with people behind the companies building future-proof models for a brave new world. Our goal is to share their insights, learnings and inspiration for the benefit of other European enterprises navigating this transition.

Unleash the robots: The future of automation and current market opportunities

Process automation is a growing trend that has just started to come to the fore. At the same time, the efficiency potential of automation for companies is enormous. Demand is growing by 30% every year - a market potentially worth billions. Process automation means automating repetitive tasks on a PC using software robots, Cloud Automation and AI. Maybe you’ve already heard about low code platforms like Zapier, Integromat and UiPath or process mining platforms like Celonis? Technologies such as process mining can make data-based decisions on the design of processes, allowing companies to focus on meaningful, creative or emotional tasks. In this session, our aim is to provide a holistic view of the automation scene, define buzz terms like process mining and robotic process automation, and state-of-the-art tools to analyze and automate processes. If you’re interested in opportunities to enter the automation market as a consultant or freelancer, educate or certify yourself in the field of process automation, or are simply curious to know more about how you can regain your focus on creativity by automating processes, then this session is for you! About Bots & People Oliver Nagel has over 10 years of experience in IT. Nico Bitzer has implemented projects as a management consultant for clients such as REWE, Bilfinger or Bayer. In 2020, the two jointly founded Bots & People - an online academy on the subject of process automation. They enable companies to automate processes.

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