Next Meetup

To kick off, let's get together on the topic of React and React Native. If you're in any way involved in React: • as a developer • as a business looking to engage React developers • if you have a story to tell (good or bad) • if you provide training in React or if you just want to find out more about React from people that use it, please join us. We're planning to have pizza and drinks. Final details TBD.

Needs a location

    What we're about

    The web is over 25 years old. And yet it's still in a state of ongoing change.

    So how does it all fit together? Where is it going? Can we make it better?

    This group will bring together people interested in the Web so we can collectively understand - and maybe improve it.

    Our plan is to organize speakers who represent business and government use cases, concerns, aims and ambitions.

    And for engineers and technologists, we will look in greater detail at how upcoming changes fit together. Including Web Assembly, Web Components, frameworks (e.g. React, Angular, Ember, Polymer), Flux, REST, GraphQL, IDEs, testing, deployment, UI/UX, SEO, tracking and analytics, KPIs and metrics.

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