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Meetup cancelled for NOV & DEC...Back again Jan 2019
Welcome back and welcome new comers. This meet up is open to all. We are about self-empowerment. getting what you truly want and allowing yourself to embrace your good. Come ready with notebook pen and paper to start designing your destination...your wonderful life. We will be discussing and experiencing the metaphysical laws that make life work...and when you apply these tenets and understandings, life starts to get better! You get happier and ultimately also healthier too. This month we will be discussing the limiting beliefs that get in your you can bust them! I know how to achieve this because I've been doing this for myself, my clients, friends and family for almost 7 years now and am having great results. You can do it too. Donations are welcomed.

Wood Ridge Civic Center

495 Highland Ave · Wood Ridge, NJ

What we're about

It feels really good when we imagine a scenario and then we create it just as wonderfully as we pictured it or, get this, even better than we imagined. That's true power.

Yes there is no denying that things are heating up in the world and if you want a compass, a map and a sense of purpose that gets you through you need tools that don't let you down.

This meet up gives you all that and more.

Writing down your goals, visualization and learning how your emotions are your GPS in life.

When you apply these truths your blocks start to disappear and the road ahead is wide open smooth and bright.

Join us if you want to be happy or even happier, healthy or even healthier, successful or even more successful. If you are committed to the continuing, unfolding never ending quality of your life...this meet up is for you.

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