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The UN recently reported that two-thirds of all jobs (maybe higher in developing nations) are up for displacement in the next 15-20 years because of the move to an economy run by robots. Stephen Hawkins now warns that Automation and AI are going to decimate middle-class jobs. So now what?

This meetup is for people who recognize the coming changes to the workforce that are imposed by robotics, automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence and how those advances will specifically affect the state of Alabama.

During these Meetups we will focus on problems that could arise in different industries and look for opportunities for Alabamians to take advantage of new types of jobs as we move through a period of transitions.

We will also discuss the implications to the state if we do not allow our state's key industries to take advantage of these game-changing technologies.

We are looking for all types of people, with varying degrees expertise. Everyone is welcome, as long as they live in the state of Alabama. Ideas gathered in these Meetups will be used by the recently founded nonprofit, Futureproof Bama, to raise awareness across the state for this potential workforce crisis.

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