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This Meetup is designed to get dancers, choreographers and dance lovers together to influence the future of our artform. We will share events, workshops, and classes that encourage like minded dance artists to meet and share their love of contemporary ballet and their commitment to giving ballet a strong place in the artistic culture of the future.

Dance is an expressive language without words, but this Meetup will allow dancers to talk to each other and the people who love their work, and find ways to shape the culture we belong to so that it reflects and rewards our creativity and energy.

You should join this meetup if you love ballet and contemporary dance, and you want to be part of the movement which shapes the dance, ballet and performance culture of the future.



You should join this meetup if you want to be involved in innovative contemporary ballet events, classes, and performances you will love. If you believe in the future of ballet, and want to support the movement to generate dance performances and activities that are relevant to the 21st Century, this is the Meetup for you!


You should join this meetup if you want to be involved in platforms and events to share your work with dancers and contemporary ballet lovers. If you want to see your work reach a wider audience, and engage with people who are excited about new, creative interpretations on the tradition of ballet, you should join this Meetup!


You should join this Meetup if you want to see more exciting, innovative and creative ballet performances that grip and move you, and if you want to hear about classes and workshops you will love. If you want to support the future of ballet, be part of this Meetup!


Ballet is something everyone can enjoy.

Ballet is beautiful, inspiring, motivating, gripping, athletic, creative, arises from a strong tradition, and is invigorated by collaboration and inspiration from other artforms and artistic practices.

Ballet can and should be equally accessible to people from all backgrounds and levels of ability.

Ballet can and should encourage healthy living in mind and body of all people it touches.

Ballet can and should be open to discussion and influence from artists and dance makers from a variety of backgrounds, to make the artform stronger, more creative and give it an exciting future.

What activities will FUTURIST BALLET INNOVATORS support?

- Performances by exciting choreographers reinventing and revitalising the art of ballet

- Classes to hone your talents and energise your body

- Workshops to inspire your creativity and connect you with other artists and ballet lovers

- Social events to get you together to have fun and chill out with other artists and dance lovers

What should I do if I have a suggestion for a FUTURIST BALLET INNOVATORS event?

Get in touch with us, we would love to hear your suggestions!

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Decompression Scratch - Dance Performance and Meetup



HackBallet choreographer and dancer Briar Adams underwent emergency surgery at the National Hospital of Neurosurgery and Neuroscience in June 2018. On paying a visit to the hospital chapel she discovered Adam Statyris, an off duty doctor, playing an original composition on the chapel piano, and joyfully joined him with with an impromptu dance improvisation. The shared creative moment was captured on video by Adams’ friends who lent their support during this difficult period. Shortly after her surgery, Adams joined the FreeSpace programme at Studio Wayne McGregor. Inspired by her experience at NHNN, over the last 12 months Adams has created a series of dance performance and film works, in collaboration with Statyris, electronic music producer Stephen Packe, and filmmaker Thom Seaman. These works incorporate several themes, including: an exploration of contemporary and classical dance technique for a disabled or differently abled body; feminism and feminine sexuality; commitment to a philosophy of creative response to adversity; and discovering confidence and performance artistry within an ecosystem lit by ageing, trauma and mature experience. After 12 months in the FreeSpace programme Adams made the move to produce Hack Ballet’s first London performance platform, bringing together performance artists with a shared passion and continued commitment to making and performing creative work as a means to educate, inspire and progress our diverse community, and protest against the social and political forces of fear which inform our global culture. On 26th July 2019 HackBallet will present DECOMPRESSION, a platform for dance artists presenting short extracts of new work and work in development. The lineup includes: Briar Adams - new work Joshua Royal - new work David Murley & Kim Amundsen - new work Nandita Shankardass - new work Emma Bingham, Hulya Levent, Jenn Vogtle - Hack Ballet repertoire Steven Zilinskas - solo performance Daniel Rodriguez - new work Advance tickets available on Eventbrite at: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/hack-ballet-scratch-decompression-tickets-64542825328 Stick around after the performance for post show drinks with the cast - location will be revealed on the night!

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