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Futuro Flow Creativity, Innovation and Design Workshops and Talks campaign is a movement of innovation culture learning. Influenced from the Hyperisland mindset of "continues learning", This community drives with the intent of organizing a monthly event platform that delivers creativity, innovation and design talks monthly in the UAE uniquely located at The ROVE hotels through LetsWork (our main sponsor that provide our spaces).

These creativity, innovation and design talks are positioned to give a stage for the speakers composed of designers, creatives, artists, innovators, and inspired industry people. There through this event platform they the speakers are to start "Sharing the process", they will do so presenting their experiences and developments within the industry by storytelling and presenting 30 minute keynotes or facilitating a mini-workshop and thus effectively adding value to the would-be goers of the event as they share exposure from their respective creativity, innovation, and design fields. ultimately during this event attendees are able to connect with like-minded creative, innovation and design aficionados to effectively learn from like-minded people and lastly serve as a social networking space.

Past events (27)

Surfing the Flux - Retro Session 1: POST 2020 THE SHITTY FIRST DRAFT

Needs a location

Friday Morning Virtual Coffee - Session 4 - "Mid Year Pivots"

Needs a location

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