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The G-Force meetup is a unique opportunity for young founders and aspiring entrepreneurs to step up and fight for their startup. You’ll be put in the spotlight in front of an audience and given 5 minutes to pitch your company or your idea – but this isn’t a normal pitch.

You’re not doing it for money to investors – you’re in front of a crowd that’s ready to expose all the cracks in your pitch, your product, and your idea.

Just to sweeten the deal, we’ll have a successful entrepreneur who has been around the block to watch your pitch and offer his or her feedback.

And you never know – maybe some good contacts will come out of it, as well. In the past events, people found their co-founders, startups did crucial but successful pivots after the feedback, and some founders qualified for our GTEC NO BULLSHIT LAB.


Come as a listener or prepare a 5 min pitch – it’s up to you. All are welcome. Many times in the past, we’ve had audience members come just to listen to other pitches, but after a few times finally gained the courage to come onstage and share their startup idea. And the best part is that no one has regretted it.


This is a chance for you to get objective feedback and advice from people who know what they’re talking about, so you can pivot or drop your idea before putting in too much blood, sweat and tears. So many founders become imprisoned in their own bubble that they can’t see what’s wrong with what they’re doing or where they're headed – we're here to change that.

And if we really like what we see, then we'll offer you two weeks in our NO BULLSHIT LAB (http://www.gtec.center/no-bullshit-lab/) – this means free office space at our Berlin Campus in WeWork Potsdamer Platz, access to our immense network of entrepreneurs, mentors, experts and investors, and support from the GTEC Family.

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