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Gayatri Temple:

We have moved to Albuquerque. You can find us at ABQ-Gayatri-Temple-Bhakti-Yoga-Workshops-andChanting/

Classes, pujas, fire ceremonies, meditations, mantra groups, workshops. Sanatana Dharma Satsang, a nonprofit religious corporation, is the founder of the Gayatri Temple. See Message Board for more information.

The temple is a place of peace. It is a place of practice & purification, healing & rejuvenation, stillness & quiet. A place of rest. A place of oneness and community, joy and connection. A sanctuary for the teachings of Bhakti Yoga.

"Puja is worship. It becomes just a ritual when the inner meaning of the puja is not understood. Puja is an essential part of the spiritual sadhana, or discipline. It is a mystical communion with the divine." quotation by Sadguru Sant Keshavadas from his book Cosmic Shakti Kundalini, page 22.

Please join us to deepen your spiritual experience, share in satsang (spiritual discussion, chanting) with other devotees and meet new people with your same spiritual interests.

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