What we're about

Welcome to the GAH! FreeToBeYou multi-sensory art experience by Garfield of London. ❤

This experience connects you with conceptual art + perfume fragrance + a meditation practice, all with the intention of improving your mental well-being.

GAH! FreeToBeYou encourages you to TAKE the TIME to be KIND to your MIND to find clarity of mind, make better choices, and love yourself more. ❤

On the 17th day of every month will be a day of personal celebration about what you love about yourself.

The 17th Day is a Conceptual Art event which takes place every month on the 17th focusing on self love.

On this day YOU should celebrate all the things that you love about yourself, just take a few moments to LOVE YOU! ❤

I want YOU to become part of my art, so be ready, I may call on you to share something you LOVE about YOU!

I will share a new "GAH! FreeToBeYou" conceptual artwork on every 17th day and be hosting several events on this day during the year. https://www.instagram.com/p/BeBxqNGAA_d/ (https://www.instagram.com/gahfreetobeyou/)

Enjoy 2018 ❤

Past events (21)

The 17th of December is a day to LOVE YOU ❤

The Natural History Museum

The 17th of November is a day to LOVE YOU ❤

Harrods Terrace Bar

The 17th of October is a day to LOVE YOU ❤

Oxford Circus Underground Station - Argyle Street exit

The 17th of September is a day to LOVE YOU ❤

Northwick Park Hospital

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