What we're about

‘GAME | D&D’ is a MeetUp group for people who love roleplaying games — or who are interested in giving them a try.

We run four D&D campaigns locally, and each campaign is a part of our own, large scale D&D universe.

This group is also a place to try other RPG’s, as well!

We run a large board game group in the area — www.MeetUp.com/GAMEUnplugged — and this MeetUp group is specifically for D&D and RPG’s.

We look forward to meeting you and rolling some dice. :)

Past events (11)

D&D | Ghosts Of Saltmarsh (Part V)

Member’s House

D&D | Curse Of Strahd (Part XIX)

Nerd Merch


Royersford Church of the Nazarene

D&D | Ghosts Of Saltmarsh (Part 4)!

Member’s House

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