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Welcome to your new board game group! This group is designed to encourage friends to get together. We are made up of veteran players who are always excited to teach their favorite games, as well as new faces who are playing a game for the first time. The priority is to create excuses for us to get together during the week - seeing our friends and meeting new ones. We do pretty much anything related to the hobby, so you're encouraged to bring your favorite games or propose events you'd be interested in. Our recent favorites include One Night Werewolf, Bang, Tragedy Looper and Munchkin, to name a few.

Upcoming events (5+)

Still alive...at The Portal

The Portal

We'll be playing lots of games 2 player and up! Cake not included (unless you want to bring some ^_^).

Heavy Game Night

Your Friendly Neighborhood Tabletop Shop

Come to teach, learn or play games with people interested in playing the heavier games of the hobby. Games like Food Chain Magnate, 18xx, Age of Steam, Dominant Species, and others are getting to the table. Feel free to join our facebook group as well: https://www.facebook.com/groups/964387680438356/ We have good weekly attendance. Fear not if you only see a few here as some people communicate via facebook.

Settlers of the Portal

The Portal

We'll have tons of games for every kind of player and I'm happy to teach, so no experience necessary. There's lots of room, so feel free to bring some friends you want to introduce to board games!

Monday Meetup

Tabletop Gaming Center

Join us in this great space for another night of board games! This venue is quiet and well lit, and has a library of 600 games we have access to in addition to whatever we bring. There are several food options close by for delivery and pickup, as well as snacks and drinks sold in store. There is a $5 cover, which instantly becomes store credit. The more the merrier!

Past events (1,210)

Board games @ 6pm and/or Free Trivia @ 8:30pm

The Blackboard Cafe

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