• D&D | Curse Of Strahd (Part XVII)

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    Deep in the depths of Castle Ravenloft, the group tries to gain an advantage on Strahd before it’s too late. The adventure continues. . .

  • Betrayal | Legacy (Part V)

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    The haunted house adventure nears an end! Who will be left standing after the last chapter. . . . ?

  • GAME Night #52!

    Member's House


    Join us during the special holiday weekend for GAME Night #52! Why is GAME Night #52 special, you ask? Well, a standard deck of playing cards has 52 cards, and this is our 52nd GAME Night! We have now had a GAME Night for every card in the deck. Coincidence!? We will be gathering at Nicole & Doug’s comfy house for six hours of fun games. At GAME Nights, we bring a variety of great games from lighter games like Avalon and Unstable Unicorns to heavier games like Wingspan and Concordia. Feel free to bring any of your favorites, as well! In Collegeville, we typically start with some more involved games, and then later in the night switch over to lighter games and Jackbox video games. We are a super welcoming group, so new members are *always* welcome. We’re also happy to teach all games! GAME Night is $1. This is also a “bring your own food” event with lots of choices nearby. See you then!!!

  • D&D / Ghosts Of Saltmarsh (Part 2)

    Member's House

    A rag tag group of seven individuals recently traveled to the quiet fishing village of Saltmarsh. . . and quickly got in trouble with the local law. Each of the seven was given a choice by the town council: A.) Months of hard labor for their alleged crimes. . . OR. . . B.) Helping the town rid itself of a ghost problem. . . The seven agreed that plan B was the better choice, and spent the day learning more about the haunted house — and preparing for their quest. At dawn, the group departed and soon found the rickety building on a tall cliff a few miles outside of town. Drawing closer to the house, one member (Azazel) examined the outside well. . . only to find two giant snakes that leaped out to strike. . . 🐍 🐍 The adventure continues. . . * * * We will wrap up by 5:00 for GAME Night after D&D! :)

  • July 4th Fireworks Show! 💥

    Waltz Golf Farm

    We will be doing a special event on July 4th! Join us at Waltz’s Golf Farm for a GREAT night. We will meet at 6:00pm to hang out and get some food from the food trucks. There is live music at 7:00pm, and we can also put out some blankets to play some lighter games until the fireworks start (bring your own blanket! :) ). The fireworks start at dark. There is then half-priced mini-golf after fireworks for anyone who is interested. Should be a great time! See you then.

  • D&D | Ghosts Of Saltmarsh

    Member's House

    We’re happy to announce that we are launching a new D&D campaign! :) Set in the town of Saltmarsh, this campaign is based off of seven legendary nautical adventures from the very first edition of D&D. . . faithfully reprinted/updated for fifth edition! We will meet once a month at Nicole & Doug’s comfy house to embark on “The Ghosts Of Saltmarsh” adventure. This campaign is for anyone not currently in our other D&D groups. We’d love to invite some new people to join the fun! So if you’ve been looking to join a D&D group, create a 1st level character, and RSVP when you can. We have room for up to six players. :) And if you haven’t played D&D before, that’s OK, too! We’re happy to teach. (More than anything, you just need an imagination.) This should be a great time played in a comfy living room in Collegeville. We’ll aim to play once a month before the GAME Night that Nicole & Doug host each month. Any questions? Ask away.

  • D&D / Curse Of Strahd / Part XVI

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    This is a long campaign that we have been playing for about a year and a half, and we currently have space for one person to join! :) If you'd like to join, message Patrick on MeetUp. The commitment will probably be about three sessions, with our wrapping up this *part* of the campaign by the end of the summer. It's been an awesome journey. Hailing from a world known as Kaloria'm Ael, our original band of adventurers was brought to a place known as Barovia by a strange and magical mist. There, the adventurers learned that they were but a part of a game being played by a ruthless vampire known as Strahd. For 15 sessions, the group has explored Barovia and tried to unravel its mysteries. . . while growing stronger. Last session, the finale drew near! Raelyn -- one of the characters who had turned evil and started to follow Strahd -- led her previous companions to Castle Ravenloft. There, an epic battle ensued, and Raelyn was defeated. But the castle's mysteries -- and Strahd himself -- remain. It should make for a climactic conclusion.

  • Summer GAME Night #51!

    Member's House


    Summer, summer, summertime. . . Time to sit back and unwind. . . with some great board games and friends. . . and possibly s’mores if the weather is good. :) Our 51st GAME Night will kick off the SUMMER fun at Nicole & Doug’s house. Bring any favorite board games you’d love to play, and we’ll do the same. Some “new” favorites (like Libertalia and Tiny Towns) have been joining the perennial classics recently at GAME nights. We also play the Jackbox games when we meet in Collegeville, and if the weather is good, can play outside on the deck, as well. :) New members are always welcome, and we are always happy to teach games, as well. You’ll find we’re a super-friendly, welcoming group! So come join the fun. GAME Night is $1. (There is a collection basket at the event.) This is also a “bring your own food” event, and there are many nearby options: Wegmans, Wawa, Starbucks, Wendy’s, Zoup, Dunkin, etc. See you then!


    Royersford Church of the Nazarene


    It's officially here!!! Our *****50th***** GAME Night!!! To celebrate, we will be hosting a very special SUMMER EVE POTLUCK GAME NIGHT. . . Let the season inspire you with your food choices! When you RSVP, just list what you can bring. Stuff we'll need includes: - Cups - Silverware - Napkins - Plates - Non-alcoholic drinks - Appetizers/salads - Main dishes (BBQ themed maybe... ?) - Side dishes - Desserts - More desserts It's also Charlie's birthday if anyone wants to bake him a cake. :) At GAME nights, we bring a whole bunch of board game choices from lighter games to party games and heavier, midweight games. Feel free to bring any games you'd like to play, as well! We typically fill up a few tables with all the awesome board game choices. New members are *always* welcome. It's a very friendly group, so you'll fit in quickly. You also do not have to be a longtime gamer (or gamer at all) to come. We're always happy to teach games to people. At the venue, park in the parking lot that is off Washington Street. Overflow parking is along either Washington or Walnut streets. The entrance is located in the parking lot. Look for the outdoor A-Frame sign that says "Event Entrance." Then just come on up the stairs to the gym, where we play. Wheelchair access is located on Washinton Street if needed. GAME Night is $2. We have a collection basket at the event. So please bring one potluck food item + $2. Thanks. We're looking forward to an awesome night of amazing eats and great games. See you then!

  • Betrayal Legacy | Part 3


    The adventure continues!