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Our Meeting Schedule is updated as follows:
Regular Meetings:  Saint Louis GAMMA will hold its regular, twice-monthly meetings on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month. These meetings will be online Zoom events.

Membership Requirement: Continued membership in GAMMA Saint Louis on is contingent on participation during a Calendar Year. Non-participating members may be offered an opportunity to reapply for membership.

Info: For up to the minute meeting information, please reference the event calendar for the platform ( or on which you are a registered member.

Reminder: Our video meetings will use the Zoom platform and require a PC, Smartphone or Tablet with a high quality camera or webcam and audio capability.
If you need assistance, please contact Gary at 618-334-7909 (voice and text).
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Group's Description:

GAMMA Saint Louis is a peer support group for men who identify themselves as gay, bisexual, or otherwise attracted to men and are now or have been in a relationship with a woman, are contemplating a relationship, or have related questions or problems. We do have a few members that are married to other men and we do have a few members that have never been married.

GAMMA Saint Louis was founded and has been active as an organization since June 1981.

Some members are in satisfying, conventional marriages, some in less happy ones. Some are separated or divorced; some have lovers. Some have never had a sexual experience with a man, and some have worked out unique living arrangements. Some have had free and open discussions with their spouses and children. Others have never spoken to anyone about their feelings. All are welcome and should find among us others who share their experience.

GAMMA has no official party line. It neither encourages nor discourages its members from continuing or forming relationships with their wives or other women. Rather, it seeks to assist each man in finding his own best road to travel in life. Much of this is accomplished through open, candid, and sympathetic sharing of thoughts, experiences and feelings.

GAMMA meets the second and fourth Thursdays of each month. Meetings are typically open, sharing discussions facilitated by experienced members of the group. Typically, the group meetings are attended by eight to twelve men so there is ample opportunity for each man to talk about the issues challenging him, if he so desires.

Men attending for the first time are afforded an opportunity to discuss their particular situations and to ask questions of the group, or they may choose not to say anything at all. From time to time, outside speakers may be invited to speak on topics of general interest, but time is always allowed for supportive discussion. A voluntary contribution is requested at the end of in-person meetings to help meet expenses ($5.00 is suggested), but there are no mandatory dues or fees. After meetings, members often socialize at a nearby establishment.

GAMMA does not publish formal mailing or telephone listings. However, some members choose to make their contact information available to other members of the group.

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