What we're about

This is a collective of people who share a passion for night photography.

This Meetup is about gathering in groups, small or large, to capture the night and share the outcome with each other. Education, respectful and constructive feedback, exhibition of images and socializing during and after our gatherings are all part of our activities.

We will explore old, new, popular and exotic places in the greater Boston area, southern New Hampshire and Maine, Rhode Island, northern Connecticut and central Massachusetts and there are occasional field trips to places such as New York or Maine. Inner city nightscapes will be as much part of our portfolio, as will be dark sky star, astro-landscape and Milky Way shoots or light painting opportunities.

Most standard meetups are free, membership dues will cover Meetup.com costs, minor group expenses and promotional means, invited lectures and trip organization expenses. There may be paid events, as announced in those meetups, to provide paid services to learn from professionals in smaller groups with formal instructions.

You can sign up for this group for free and see if this is for you during the trial. Note that this is the only continuously active night photography meetup in New England, we average one photo shoot every ~8 days, one meetup every week, and even keep it alive throughout the winter. Browse our "past meetups" to see what we have been doing.

Night photography is exciting, presents the world in a truly different light and is serene and calming in many ways. However, it is also very different from daytime shooting, sometimes physically taxing and requires to watch out for yourself and others. The meetups here will always be conducted with adult and mature members, who provide safety through numbers, but you will always be responsible for your own safety.

Before you get started, please read the group policies: https://www.meetup.com/GBNight/messages/boa... (https://www.meetup.com/GBNight/messages/boards/forum/16103532) and please take a moment to answer some questions about timing and gear under MORE - POLLS in the menu.

We are looking forward to seizing the night with you!

Jürgen, GBNP Organizer

Upcoming events (3)

Lecture: Astro-landscapes - Photographing stars, trails, Milky Way, Aurora etc.

We shall not be inactive! This is an online lecture, brought to you by your favorite Meetup. Guaranteed virus free with sufficient distance. And no need for driving or finding parking. We don't mind if you wear pajamas, either! Please read: This event will be hosted through Webex. Follow the link on the right to log on with your computer at least 5 minutes prior to start time. If you see the participants panel, hover over it and click on the floating option, then close it. You can also minimize the other panel and move it out of the way. See photos below. Do not connect by mobile phone, you may not see the presentation. But you can call in by phone, instead of using your computer audio, for better sound. PLEASE mute yourself when you join and please also turn off your video, it reduces bandwidth and creates choppy audio and screen updates. Hover your mouse towards the bottom of the screen after joining the meeting to see the pop-up menu, then click on the video button to turn off video and click on the microphone to turn it red and mute yourself. You can unmute to ask questions, then mute again. See photos below. This lecture is part of our 2020 WVP (winter & virus program) and the second part of the Introduction to Night Photography series, where we will be focusing (!) on photographing the night sky, particularly stars. This is an intermediate to advanced lecture, recommended prerequisite for this lecture is some experience shooting at night. Even though we will briefly go over basic settings again, we will not spend much time on that. The lecture will cover these topics: * Definitions * Equipment * Techniques * Exposure settings * White balance * Darkness and Light pollution, where to shoot, light painting * Focusing on stars * Types of astro-landscape photography * Star trails: nature and urban * Star points & Milky Way * Clouds * Moon * Meteors * Zodiacal light and noctilucent clouds * Aurora * Image Processing * Star trails: stacking photos * Milky Way / Star points and Aurora * Resources

Challenge: The Night Sky from your backyard

Your town

To keep ourselves safe and practice social distance, we'll continue with our next solo challenge. To follow up Jurgen's lecture of Landscape Astrophotography, let's shoot the night sky from our backyards, or nearby. Try star points, star trails, cloud streaks, the moon, Venus, whatever you have. Use what's on your property to frame your shots, or as an interesting foreground. Shoot out a window or door. Shoot straight up, as I did, in this photo. The event is posted to begin Thursday April 9th, with a deadline of Sunday April 12th at 11:00 to create the photos. After that time, post 3-5 of your photos for this event and we will comment on each other's entries. You have several nights to try out different ideas, under different conditions, at different times. Tuesday 4/7 is a super full moon, but it comes up at 6:51, 25 min before sunset at 7:15. Thursday and Friday, it comes up much later (9:27 and 10:43 respectively). Fast wide angle lenses are what we usually use, but you could also choose to zoom in on a section of sky with a 50mm or longer focal length. Let's have some fun alone but together. We will follow up with some more specific topics. Feel free to post suggestions for upcoming challenges in the comments.

Lecture: Light Painting and Drawing

Thomas Crane Public Library

For the third part of our winter program, this is an instructional and technical program to introduce photographers to light painting and light drawing by our own organizers Jürgen Lobert and Lisa Ryan. This lecture is free to paid members. Adding artificial light to photos taken at night can be done through a number of techniques. Light painting adds additional light to existing surfaces, but light drawing is one of the few techniques where a photographer can actively create unique and intriguing content, rather than simply photographing existing objects. The following topics are covered: * Introduction to light painting equipment & settings * Trigonometry for photographers: the exposure triangle * Capturing time so you can spend it on painting * Adding light - Exposure considerations and the square root paradigm - Angles: how geometry creates intrigue - Buy or do it yourself: the light painter’s toolbox (demo) * Light Painting: How to convert a flashlight into a paint brush * Light Drawing: Unleash your artistic side * The three secret techniques for how to master light painting and drawing. * Post-processing considerations * Resources Throughout the presentation, Jürgen and Lisa will demonstrate a number of light painting tools, show how to use them and how they look like in the many visual examples. We will do some live demos with camera and display. Please be on time and count on rush hour traffic.

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Challenge: Your (empty) town at night

Your town

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