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This is a collective of people who share a passion for night and long exposure photography.
This Meetup is about gathering in groups, small or large, to capture the night and share the outcome with each other. Online events for image studies, goals review, training, as well as self-assigned challenges round out the program. Education, respectful and constructive feedback, exhibition of images and socializing during and after our gatherings are all part of our activities.
We explore old, new, popular and exotic places in the greater Boston area, southern New Hampshire and Maine, Rhode Island, northern Connecticut and central Massachusetts and there are occasional field trips to places such as New York or Maine. Inner city nightscapes are as much part of our portfolio, as will be dark sky star, astro-landscape and Milky Way shoots or light painting opportunities.
This is the only continuously active Meetup group dedicated to night and long exposure photography in New England. We average roughly one event every week, and we keep it alive throughout the winter. Photo shoots are most frequent, but we also have online lectures, individual challenges, conferences and public events and paid excursions. Browse our "past meetups" to see what we have been doing.

Most standard meetups are free, membership dues will cover Meetup.com costs, minor group expenses and promotional means, invited lectures and trip organization expenses. There are also some paid events, as announced in those meetups, to provide services to learn from professionals in smaller groups with formal instructions, or to cover venue costs. You can sign up for this group for free and see if this is for you during the one month trial.

Night photography is exciting, presents the world in a truly different light and is serene and calming in many ways. However, it is also very different from daytime shooting, sometimes physically taxing and requires to watch out for yourself and others. All our meetups are conducted with adult and mature members, who provide safety through numbers, but you will always be responsible for your own safety.
Before you get started, please read the group policies: https://www.meetup.com/GBNight/messages/boa... and please take a moment to answer some questions about timing and gear under MORE - POLLS in the menu.

We are looking forward to seizing the night with you!
Jürgen, GBNP Organizer

Upcoming events (4+)

Water Lantern Festival

Needs a location


We will be visiting the water lantern festival. These used to be done in Jamaica Plain, but they restarted it on the South Shore. The festival is open to the public and we are getting a group discount and we need to sell these here before I can buy them, so sign up early.


Tripods are allowed, but we need to be considerate to the general public roaming around. The festival has food trucks, music and other fun stuff. At 6:30, you can design your own lantern, which will be launched at 7 and that is when the night photography fun begins. The festival closes at 8 p.m. We will meet at 5 to get some of the fun stuff and foods, sunset is 6:14 with an almost full moon rising shortly before.

Bring a variety of lenses (wide to 200mm) to accommodate different vantage points, you may not get to be right at the water line. Bring your fastest lenses, f/1.8 or faster is great, because freezing lantern motion at night takes high ISO and short exposures.

Shoot lanterns, people with lights, this is a fun and challenging exercise. Some examples in the photos section.

SUGGESTION: Full Moon SET & streak over Boston Skyline

Needs a location

SUGGESTION (no organizers currently scheduled): capture the full moon SETTING over the Boston skyline. The moons sets at 6:18 AM, but it first disappears behind the skyscraper at about 5:59 AM, reappearing briefly between buildings, before disappearing for good at about 6:06 AM, sunrise is at 6:50 AM, giving us a dark sky. The moon will be full, which we emphasize by shooting with a long lens. You can also attempt a moon streak as shown above with a 10-stop filter and start around 5:35 AM.

Weather forecast looks cool, probably 40s, with clear skies. Dress appropriately.

The advantage of doing a moon streak at moon set is that you can do a proper high ISO preview to get the required exposure time and select the right ND filter, because we are at the end of twilight and it only get lighter. Keep in mind that the moon will set from left to right, the streak goes the other way as during moon rise. It will set right behind those high risers.

For a moon streak, you will need: a sturdy tripod, a camera, a remote control/intervalometer, a long zoom lens of 150-200+ mm focal length (it's less than a mile distance), a 6 stop or higher neutral density filter for that lens. For individual shots, a very long lens also looks nice.

The ICE 10-stop ND filter can be had very cheaply, it's a great filter with very minor color cast. Buy one for your largest lens and step-down rings for smaller lenses: 82mm (http://amzn.to/1YY3HqZ), 77 mm (http://amzn.to/1YY3Ryz). For more flexibility, get the set of three filters for 3, 6, 9, 10, 13, 16, 19 stops: https://amzn.to/2LpHNtk Get some step-up rings (http://amzn.to/1YY4Uyt) for smaller lenses.

There will be three options:

  1. Continuous moon streak
  2. Assembled moon streak (from individual back-to-back images - try 1 s each)
  3. Single moon between buildings or over the skyline.

To see how this is done, please read a previous meetup:

SUGGESTION: Moonrise over Boston skyline

Needs a location

Not as dramatic a SUGGESTION as for Monday, but the weather looks more favorable.

Set up your tripod somewhere between the Mass Ave Bridge and the BU Bridge. I'm not getting more specific because this is not aimed at any particular building (like the Hancock). So, find a spot that looks good through your viewfinder. As Jurgen wrote last year, "Distance is almost 2 miles, a[masked] mm lens will work very well. 10-stop ND filter, tripod, remote and bring your lens shade, as there are bright lights on the walkway to create flares."

Sunset is at 6:12. Moonrise is at 6:22. But, in Boston, the moon generally takes at least 15 minutes to clear the buildings (just in case, be ready at 10 minutes.)

Dress according to weather. The daytime high is forecast to be 63, but it should cool to the low 50s before this shoot ends.

No guests and vaccinated people only.

SUGGESTION: Castle Island - Moonstreak behind Deer Island Tanks

Needs a location

The start time is scheduled 10 minutes before sunset for those who want to get some sunset shots and practice a little DLE.

The SUGGESTION: shoot the rising full moon behind the Deer Island water tanks. The above photo is roughly the composition you will get. This is a suggestion because there are no organizers currently signed up. (I may attend - I was not happy with my shot last year. - AG)

The tanks will be about 3 miles from your location, so a longer focal length is needed to zoom in on the scenery. For a lens, 300 or 400mm are good, 500mm will work best. The above was taken with 500mm at 3.4 miles distance.

As usual, you can choose to shoot a moon streak or a single shots, see photos section for a couple more examples.
https://jmlobert.blogspot.com/2017/07/how-to-create-moon-streak-that-is-not.html In short: 10-stop ND filter, f/11, ISO 100, 30 minutes.

Sunset is at 6:10, the moon will rise at 6:45, making it ideal for a moon streak (enough ambient light). But the moon will exit the frame within about fifteen minutes, so you might want to start your exposure about 10 minutes before moonrise to make sure the tanks are properly exposed.

The location also offers some other interesting views for afterwards. Weather forecast has clouds, temps in the low 50s. Keep an eye on the weather.

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