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Partial Lunar Eclipse
This very rare event (a blue moon eclipse) is a Wednesday early morning event: the lunar eclipse of January 2018 will only be visible as a small, partial eclipse from Massachusetts. To see the full lunar eclipse, one needs to travel to Alaska or Asia. We will meet at the top of Blue Hills, behind the observatory. This is a 1 mile hike up the 620 foot hill (the road up is locked at night)! Allow yourself at least 30 minutes to get up there, we will move on without waiting for late arrivals. Eclipse starts at 5:51, we meet at 6:15, the partial eclipse starts at 6:48:27, reaching its maximum 5 minutes later. This event is heavily weather dependent, as we need to have a clear view on the western horizon. Please monitor comments before you head out. Equipment: The longest lens you have, at least 300mm, better 500-600 or more. Make sure you know how to use the mirror-up feature of your camera and shoot at 1/250th second or faster shutter speed after waiting 5 seconds for the mirror slap to subside. Mirrorless cameras can shoot non-stop. The new Nikon D850 has a LiveView continuous shooting mode without mirror. Stable tripod needed, remote/intervalometer recommended.

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This is a collective of people who share a passion for night photography.

This Meetup is about gathering in groups, small or large, to capture the night and share the outcome with each other. Education, respectful and constructive feedback, exhibition of images and socializing during and after our gatherings are all part of our activities.

We will explore old, new, popular and exotic places in the greater Boston area, southern New Hampshire and Maine, Rhode Island, northern Connecticut and central Massachusetts and there are occasional field trips to places such as New York or Maine. Inner city nightscapes will be as much part of our portfolio, as will be dark sky star, astro-landscape and Milky Way shoots or light painting opportunities.

Most events will be free (no special fees beyond membership dues), membership dues will cover costs, minor group expenses and promotional means, invited lectures and trip organization expenses. Some events, such as field trips, may incur further cost, as announced in those meetups. You can sign up for free and attend one meetup to see if this is for you, but you are expected to pay dues if you continue membership. Limited attendance meetups are only for paid members. Note that this is the only continuously active night photography meetup in New England, we average one photo shoot every ~10 days, one meetup every week, and even keep it alive and going throughout the winter. Browse our "past meetups" to see what we have been doing.

Night photography is exciting, presents the world in a truly different light and is serene and calming in many ways. However, it is also very different from daytime shooting, sometimes physically taxing and requires to watch out for yourself and others. The meetups here will always be conducted with adult and mature members, who provide safety through numbers, but you will always be responsible for your own safety.

Before you start browsing around, please take a look at the MORE-POLLS in the menu and let us know your preferences and then please review the DISCUSSIONS, also in the menu, for various resources and some pointers on equipment, safety, attendance and membership rules.

We are looking forward to seizing the night with you!

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