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This is a group is about all things finance, global economy, trading & investment, banking, risk and return, wealth management, personal finance, etc. The idea behind this group is to create a place to exchange contacts, ideas, and knowledge by way of periodical meetups, seminars, online webinars and group events.


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Introduction To Online Trading & Investing

Nadia Training and Recruitment Institute

There is a new paradigm in the global economy and that is one of low growth, low savings yields, yet record-high stock and other financial markets. That is why savers will never get ahead of investors in the current global economic conditions. This 2-hour seminar will provide you with a clear 3-step roadmap and will cover the following: 1- Why Trade and/or Invest? Why doing neither is no longer a good option 2- The mechanics of placing trades on a demo account provided by Saxo Bank. 3- Placing 10 practice trades on the demo account based on a clear trading plan and market analysis. Why Attend Whether you are looking to develop a second revenue stream or just gain more control over your financial growth, you will find this seminar to be time well spent. The objective of the seminar: 1- Learn about global markets and what causes them to move 2- Hand-on training on the online trading platform 3- Learn one basic trading strategy and test it live 4- Ultimately get on a path of learning how to create and master a skill that might one day become your only financial insurance today. Attendees will receive the following: - Demo (practice) account to kick off your education risk-free - Coffee and snacks will be served - Free Book: "Currency Trading Book" Call or what'sApp with any questions Amro[masked]

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Blockchain Technology and Crypto-Assets Seminar

Nadia Training and Recruitment Institute

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