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This is an all-inclusive community for technologists, who are interested in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) products and what they can do. If you would like to learn and discuss about meaningful use cases involving GCP and its best practices, join us!

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July 2019 Meetup


[Talk 1] Topic: See Eye to Eye, Migrating CI to CloudBuild Synopsis: Viki has undergone a journey of migrating their core services to GCP over their last year, and here we look at what learnings were gained from the perspective of migrating the CI to CloudBuild. Speaker: Weiyuan is a Full Stack Engineer at Rakuten Viki. His day to day job revolves around managing and developing various frontend and backend services, and also in ops related workflows for the company. Weiyuan also serves as a Final Year Project co-supervisor for National University of Singapore. [Talk 2] Topic: GCSFuse; Heard of it? Synopsis: Introduction of GCSFuse; its use cases and its drawbacks Speaker: Hairizuan is a software developer at Acronis as part of the Search Team. He is a avid fan of tools and technologies and has dabbled in various programming languages such as Golang, Python and R. Prior to working at Acronis, he worked at Sparkline where he worked on tools and applications that deal with digital marketing technologies such as Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

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