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MVI & Whole-Program Analysis
Welcome back to yet an another exciting GDG Android Athens meetup. This time round we've got two brilliant talks on Android. First, STRV's Iveta Jurcikova will be talking about the MVI reactive architecture. Yannis Smaragdakis will be talking about Clue, an Android optimisation service based on static analysis. Special thanks to Clue for sponsoring the venue and STRV for sponsoring the drinks! Talk #1: MVI Every Android developer has heard about MVP and MVVM patterns. Even without so much of effort we can explain what is the meaning of the “V”, “P” and “VM” in this acronyms. However, have you ever thought about what is the purpose of the “M” which stands for “Model”? Are we still following its original definition or have we just misused it to describe those patterns? In this talk I am going to introduce you a reactive architecture for Android which uses the model according to its original interpretation. Do you know how this story will end? And what if coroutines step into the game…? About the Speaker: Iveta Jurcikova is an Android developer in STRV where she deals with exciting projects for mobile. Talk #2: We will discuss the opportunities for optimizing Android applications using static analysis techniques, with particular focus on removing dead methods. The approach is based on static analysis research at the University of Athens and is implemented in an optimization service called Clue. Clue aims to provide a more advanced alternative to Android packaging than the standard ProGuard toolchain. The service accepts source, binary, or even obfuscated code produced by ProGuard, to further reduce the size of the APK binary by removing unused methods from the dex files (i.e., any unreachable code in the core app and/or its libraries, as determined by the analysis). We will present the principles of the analysis and demo the service and its many options. We will additionally be seeking to collaborate with Android developers and teams willing to become early adopters of the service. About the Speaker: Yannis Smaragdakis is a Professor in the Department of Informatics & Telecommunications, University of Athens as well as the Head of the Programming Languages and Advanced Software Technologies (PLAST) Lab. ____________________________________________________ 🎙 Want to be a speaker in one of the upcoming meetups? Let us know at 🤗 Stay in touch at 💬Join the discussions over Slack:

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