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We are excited to host our first event focused on career development and soft skills for software professionals. Our incredible line of up speakers starts with internet-famous Chiu-Ki Chan who will be teaching us about leveling up as an expert by dismantling what it really means to be an expert. Next, we have Tali Sason, an Engineering Manager at Google, who will be leading a workshop she has taught to Googler's all over the world on delivering, receiving and acting on feedback.

How To Be An Expert - Chiu-Ki Chan, Google Developer Expert

Think of an expert. Why do you consider this person an expert? “She knows a lot”, you say. But how do you know? You know because she shares her knowledge, through blogs, talks, StackOverflow and more.

Experts are just that, people who share their knowledge. Sharing puts you in a positive feedback loop: the more you share, the more knowledgeable you become. Let me walk you through some concrete steps you can take to start sharing and build up your expertise.

Speaker bio:
Chiu-Ki Chan is an Android developer with a passion in speaking and teaching. She has spoken at numerous conferences all over the world, and has been recognized as a Google Developer Expert for her extensive knowledge in Android. She hopes to make the tech industry a better place by encouraging more underrepresented minorities to step up and be visible.

Feedback to the Future - Tali Sason, Engineering Manager, Google

Feedback is one of the best tools we have to grow and improve as individuals and teammates. In this workshop, given to hundreds of Googlers around the world, we will learn hands-on tips for delivering, receiving and acting on feedback.

Speaker bio:
Tali Sason is a software engineering leader at Google, where she coaches the talented teams of engineers building Firebase App Quality products. This includes leading Crashlytics, the #1 crash reporting solution in the world, running on over 3 billion devices. She is passionate about giving developers the tools they need to build great products that enable innovation. Before joining Google via an acquisition, Tali worked on Crashlytics at Twitter. During her tenure at the social media giant, she was part of the group that created Twitter Women in an effort to make the workplace more inclusive and diverse. Prior to that, Tali was a senior engineering manager at Wayfair where she founded and ran Wayfair Labs. Tali graduated with a BS in Computer Engineering from Bucknell University.

6:00pm - 6:30pm Registration, Dinner (not Pizza), Drinks, Networking

6:30pm - 7:00pm Talk: How To Be An Expert - Chiu-Ki Chan, Google Developer Expert

7:00pm - 8:30pm Workshop: Feedback to the Future - Tali Sason, Engineering Manager, Google

8:30pm - 9:00pm Q&A, Discussion, Wrap Up

Thank you to our generous sponsors for this event CarGurus for food, drinks, and use of their beautiful venue!