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Edmonton's Google Cloud Developer Group - GDG Cloud Edmonton (https://gdgedmonton.com/) is an official chapter of Google’s worldwide network of cloud enthusiasts, developers, data scientists and cloud engineers.

As a fast-growing developer's community, we help our members to advance their technical skills, network and career. We organize study jams to learn the latest Google products such as Google Cloud, TensorFlow, Android, Firebase, and Flutter. We also organize technology events and organize courses on Data Science and Cloud Technologies.

Volunteers are the heart of our team. We are always looking for individuals who are excellent in their respective fields and also know how to have fun. If you are ready to be a part of this proud team, please take a few minutes and submit the application HERE (https://forms.gle/gmXyiSMb9DPVYd8G8)!

Disclaimer: GDG Cloud Edmonton is an independent group. To learn more about the GDG program, visit the GDG website (https://developers.google.com/groups/).

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Cloud Study Jam #1 - Foundational ML and AI tasks in GCP

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Want to gain experience in working with machine learning on the google cloud platform? You're in the right place!

GDG Cloud Edmonton is hosting a series of Machine Learning Cloud Study Jam where you'll learn about:

  1. Setting up an ML task on GCP.

  2. Using various tools to perform foundational end-to-end ML tasks.

  3. Various APIs for common ML problems.

In this ML Cloud Study Jam, we go through the introductory quest of the  ML & AI learning track  - Perform Foundational Data, ML, and AI Tasks in GCP (https://www.cloudskillsboost.google/quests/117).  Following our instructor, you will learn the basic features of ML and AI technologies such as AI Platform, Cloud Dataprep, Dataflow, Dataproc, Cloud Natural Language API, Cloud Speech AI, and Video Intelligence API.

There is no prerequisite for this Cloud Study Jam; however, this quest will serve as a prerequisite for the next event - Explore Machine Learning Models with Explainable AI. If you have participated in another event that covers Perform Foundational Data, ML, and AI Tasks quest, you can join us at the next quest.

As the study jam will be virtual, please ensure that you have a computer (and a stable internet connection) to follow along with the instructors. The hands-on labs will run on all the latest versions of the popular browsers.

Registration is free! After completing the quest, you will get one month of free access to Qwiklabs to explore GCP courses offered by Google. 
There are limited seats so make sure to register as soon as possible!



Hosted By

Xinli Cai, GDG Organizer

Eunbin Park, Treasurer

Rohan Saha, Event & Technical

Rui Pan, Event & Technical

Full-cycle developer. Enjoys solving problems, from a concept, to an end user product.

Hasan Badran, Event & Technical

Love learning and learning with others. I am here to meet new people and expand my knowledge in software development and machine learning.

Vannia Hnatiuk, Marketing

Qin Liu, Volunteer

Complete your event RSVP here: https://gdg.community.dev/events/details/google-gdg-cloud-edmonton-presents-cloud-study-jam-1-foundational-ml-and-ai-tasks-in-gcp/.

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