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Hello! This is a community for those who use, want to use and are interested in the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This Meetup will be for folks who live in or are visiting Ottawa, Ontario who are interested in technologies available on the Google Cloud Platform.

This meetup will be used to discuss announcements, features, road maps, customer stories, feedback, and anything related to helping our community succeed with the Google Cloud Platform. Keeping with other GCP meetups, we want this to be a community where we can have unbiased and open discussions about the platform.

GDG Cloud - Ottawa is an independent group; our activities and the opinions expressed here should in no way be linked to Google, the corporation. To learn more about the GDG program, visit https://developers.google.com/groups/

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Google Next 2020 Recap

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THIS IS A FREE EVENT - PLEASE FINISH YOUR RSVP IN THE LINK BELOW https://gdg.community.dev/events/details/google-gdg-cloud-ottawa-presents-google-next-2020-recap/ GDG Cloud Montreal Meetups is back! We are happy to host our 1st Virtual event - Google Next' 2020 Recap. Where we will review key announcements in Google Cloud in the area of ML/AI, Infra, App modernization, Data & Analytics, Security shared with you by Googlers and Google Cloud Experts from our community. We will also going to host AMA (Ask Me Anything) Google Cloud Q&A sessions here: https://www.dory.app/c/ea492a80/ama-gdg-montreal-next. You can ask you question prior or during event and GCP Montreal team together with GDG Cloud Montreal will provide an answer Finally to sweeten our first Virtual Meetup we going to draw great prizes including brand new Google TV!!! Agenda: Part 1 Infrastructure News - Boris-Wilfried Nyasse, VP of Engineering at Stack Labs What’s new in GKE, Serverless and Anthos - Ayrat Khayretdinov - CNCF Ambassador Security Update - Stacy Véronneau - Solution Principal @Slalom 12:00 What's in Databases - Bjoern Rost Data Specialist @Google Cloud (10 min) 12:15 Part 2 Big Data & Analytics - JL Marechaux - JL Data&AI Specialist @GCP AI/ML announcements - JL Data&AI Specialist @GCP Interpreting ML Models with Explainable AI by Houda Kaddioui Senior AI Scientist at SEED AI Draw prizes - Google TV, Kubernetes Mask Please note: We going to host this event along with our friends from GDG Cloud Montreal! See you soon! GDG Ottawa Meetup Org committee Agenda 11:30 AM: Google Cloud Infrastructure Recap Quick recap of highlights from Google Next on Infrastructure: new regions, zones, Google Cloud Vmware engine (GCVE) 11:30 AM: Application Modernization Recap What's new in Containers and Serverless on GCP? Anthos Update - platform for managing applications in today's multi-cloud world. GitOps with Containers. Service Mesh, Cloud Run and more. 12:00 PM: Security News New exciting announcements for Security Solutions for GCP including how to deal with Certificates, new ways connect to GCP and Confidential VMs. 12:15 PM: Data Management & Databases Announcements Migrate and manage enterprise data with security, reliability, high availability, and fully managed data services. 12:30 PM: Analytics in a Multi-Cloud World with BigQuery Omni For many companies, going multi-cloud is a competitive advantage, and sometimes a necessity. Multi-cloud allows organizations to meet users where they are and expedite their transformation journey to deliver a compelling customer experience. Join this session to learn how to break down data silos in your environment and see how you can run analytics in a multi-cloud world. 12:45 PM: Cloud AI - Google Next Recap Learn about new Open Source and Google Cloud Solutions in AI space that can help you business to grow. Document AI, CCAI and more 1:00 PM: Interpreting ML Models with Explainable Hear approaches in place for applying AI Principles and Explainable AI in real life. 1:15 PM: Draw prizes from GDG Cloud We going to draw cool prizes including Brand New Google TV and Kubernetes masks! --- Speakers Houda Kaddioui - SEED AI (M.D, Senior AI Scientist) As a doctor and engineering graduate, I believe that AI has the power to augment medical professionals and I am excited to be part of this disruptive transformation. I am eager to learn more and passionate about improving both research and development of machine learning products, especially for healthcare. I am very interested in working with teams that encourage inclusion and diversity Boris-Wilfried Nyasse - Stack Labs (VP of Engineering) I enjoy when folks are successful with the Cloud and DevOps approach Jean-Louis (JL) Maréchaux - Google Cloud (Big Data & AI/ML Specialist) I have extensive experience across a number of technical topics, and I continuously update my skills on mainstream & emerging technologies (AI-centric software, ML, cloud & edge computing, blockchain, IoT, etc..). Organizer of https://www.meetup.com/DSDTMTL/ Bjoern Rost - Google Cloud (Data Specialist Customer Engineer) Björn is a Customer Engineer at Google Canada with a focus on data management and analytics. He has previously architected, implemented, and tuned many data warehouses and relational transaction systems as a consultant. His passion for sharing with and learning from others has led him to present on data, devops and cloud at over 100 conferences and meetups around the world. Ayrat Khayretdinov - Google Cloud (Hybrid Specialist) Ayrat is a CNCF Ambassador, GDG, GDE and Hybrid Cloud Specialist at Google Cloud. He is Organizer of CNCF Meetups across Canada, Kubernetes Days in Quebec, Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa as well as GDG Cloud Montreal and Ottawa Chapters. In the past he organized Cloud Native Days Canada 2019 and GDG Cloud & AI DevFest 2019 conferences in Montreal. Stacy Véronneau - Slalom (Cloud Advisory) Cloud Evangelist and Technical Lead with strong business acumen, and an avid GTD methodology user and OpenSource advocate. Specialties: - Public Cloud Integration (Google Cloud) - Day 2 planning (Operations, LMA, Workload Onboarding, Tenant Care) - Private Cloud infrastructure (OpenStack). ​​ Host Carlos Timoteo - Pythian (Data Scientist) --- Partner Pythian Services Inc (https://pythian.com) Founded and headquartered in Ottawa, Canada in 1997, Pythian now has over 650+ clients spanning industries from SaaS, media, and gaming to financial services, e-commerce and more. In our early years, Pythian focused on supporting mission-critical operational databases. As our experts became known for their ability to solve the toughest data challenges in the industry, our services grew to meet the rapidly changing needs of our clients – expanding from on-premise to the cloud. --- THIS IS A FREE EVENT - PLEASE FINISH YOUR RSVP IN THE LINK BELOW https://gdg.community.dev/events/details/google-gdg-cloud-ottawa-presents-google-next-2020-recap/

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