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Fortunately, one of the beautiful Atlantic provinces in Canada -New Brunswick- has lots of great genius folks and geeks in IT, Cloud, IoT, SAAS, Machine Learning, Software Testing, Web/mobile Development ... etc! But unfortunately, we don't know each other well, we don't meet regularly and we don't have a chance to communicate and share our knowledge and experience through study Jams, Hackathons, or Technical meetups and big tech events!

We always hear about big technical events happening here and there far away from NB, in bigger cities or more crowded provinces, some of us just decide to move there to be with the community he/she loves, others just take a trip to attend these events, others try to find live streams for it to be up to date, and others just give up and stay with no community and be outdated!


This group is for anyone who is looking for this chance to spread his/her knowledge with others and extend his/her network, for those having an interest in mobile, web, cloud, and AI, for those having a passion to learn about the latest technologies, and for sure for those living in the lovely New Brunswick, Canada.

GDG Cloud Fredericton chapter is a local group of developers who are specifically interested in Google products and APIs (https://developers.google.com/products/). We will host a variety of technical activities for developers - from just a few people getting together to watch Googles' latest videos (https://www.youtube.com/user/GoogleDevelopers), to large gatherings with demos and tech talks, to hackathons.

We are recognized by Google Developers (https://developers.google.com) as an official GDG chapter in Fredericton and we are considered the first chapter in New Brunswick, will be so excited to have more chapters in St.John and Moncton!!

Google supports us but it doesn’t own or manage us! So, the success of this chapter and of the other New Brunswick chapters will depend on you New Brunswickers Folks!

Let's put New Brunswick on FIRE!!!!!

Also check and follow our page on Facebook and Linkedin:

https:/www.facebook.com/GDGfredericton/ (https://m.facebook.com/GDGfredericton/)


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Google I/O Extended : Connect and Learn

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International Women's Day North America 2022

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International Women's Day North America 2022

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