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We are a Montréal's Mobile developer and user community is a vibrant and active one. We've been meeting monthly since January 2010. We were mostly an Android group but now we are open to new technologies like Flutter.

Our typical evening format is as follows:

• 18h00-18h30 Setting up, informal mingling

• 18h30 Members are invited to make brief 5 minute demos of their current projects.

• 19h00-20h30 One or two technical presentations, typically centered around Android or how to leverage other technologies within an Android app.

We've also been known to feature local companies that do Android development, and sometimes do hands-on development sessions. Our meetings are always free and open to the general public. We're always open to organize cooperative events with other user groups in the area. (Hackathons, etc.)

Disclaimer: GDG Montreal is an independent group; our activities and the opinions expressed here should in no way be linked to Google, the corporation.

We also have a slack group if you want : http://montrealandroidslack.herokuapp.com/ (https://montrealandroidslack.herokuapp.com/)

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Kotlin/Everywhere Wednesday, August 28th, 2019! We have a special Kotlin/Everywhere meetup. LIMITED PLACE, PLEASE REGISTER HERE : https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/kotlineverywhere-tickets-66690500081 Kotlin/Everywhere is a global series of community-led events, where developers can learn the essentials and best practices of Koltin in Android, Google Cloud Platform and multi-platform development. At Hopper, 5795 Gaspe Ave #100, Montreal, QC H2S 2X3 Schedule: - 18:00 Socializing - 18:30 Android functional testing made easy with Kotlin by Marc-Antoine Sauvé - 19:00 Delegation in Kotlin by Philippe Breault - 19:45 Break - 20:00 Coroutine + Flow = MVI ❤ by Étienne Caron Android functional testing made easy with Kotlin Level: Intermediate by Marc-Antoine Sauvé, Hopper This talk will walk you through how Hopper leveraged Kotlin to build clean DSL based functional testing that separate the “what” from the “how”. Bio Marc-Antoine Sauvé is a Senior mobile developer at Hopper, a Montreal startup that use Big Data to predict the price of hotels and plane tickets. He’s a mobile enthusiast, enjoying bleeding edge technology, app architecture, functional programming, reactive programming, Swift and Kotlin. Delegation in Kotlin Level: Beginner by Philippe Breault, American Express Ever heard of the phrase “Prefer composition over inheritance”? One of the better patterns to achieve this is “Delegation”. And thankfully, Kotlin has built-in support for this pattern. This talk will cover class delegation and delegated properties as a mean to make your code more readable and reusable. We’ll take a look at both approaches’ strengths, weaknesses, and when you should use them. We will also take a look at the code that is generated under the hood to discuss performance implications. Bio Phil is an Android engineer who has been passionate about Kotlin since way before Google officially accepted it as an official language for their mobile platform. He worked on a wide variety of Android apps for banks, newspapers, startups, television providers, and more. He currently works at American Express. Coroutine + Flow = MVI ❤ Level: Intermediate by Étienne Caron, Google Developer Expert, Shopify Managing state in Android applications can be painful. Over the years, various architectural patterns have evolved to try and tame it: MVC, MVP, and MVVM. MVI (Model-View-Intent) is an evolution of these patterns. Thanks to Immutable State management and Unidirectional Data Flow, we can finally say goodbye to race conditions and rogue mutations. Combine the power of MVI with Kotlin Coroutines alongside the recently released Kotlin Flows library. The result? Real magic. No RxJava incantations required! In this session, you’ll learn how to build a Model-View-Intent (MVI) Android App, using both Kotlin Coroutines and Kotlin Flows. You’ll walk away understanding the core principles of this pattern, as well as its key benefits. Get ready to fall for MVI❤!. Bio Etienne Caron is a developer lead at Shopify, a popular Canadian e-commerce company. He is also part of Google’s Developer Expert program, and an instructor for Caster.io Etienne has been an active member of the Android developer community in Montreal since 2010, and regularly devotes his time to mentoring startups, developers and students in the mobile space. 3D animation, procedural content generation and VR are some of his hobbies, and he loves introducing other developers to this fascinating field.

DevFest 2019


Please register on our Evenbrite page : https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/devfest-2019-tickets-68397660243 It’s the best time of the year - DevFest season! This year, GDG Montreal will be hosting a DevFest event featuring Android, Flutter and more About this Event Our DevFest is a full-day event of sessions, code labs and showcases focused on Android, Flutter and related technologies. The DevFest is a good place to learn more about mobile technologies, deepen your skills and discuss with world renown Google Developer Experts, Women Techmakers and specialists. Code Lab & Conferences - Android - Flutter - Firebase, etc We will have a place for you to come ask your questions about different codelabs while having a day of conferences. From 8 AM to 5PM. For more details please see this amazing website: https://devfest2019.gdgmontreal.com/

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