• April meetup


    Our April meetup will have two talks: Modularization by Ben Weiss (Google) Best of login experience by Dmytro Khmelenko NOTE: Your meetup profile must have your real name as Google requires that BEFORE the meetup. We will hand over list of people attending to Google the previous day and badges will be printed beforehand. If your profile is not your real name, message one of the organisers with message telling what name we should give to Google. If you don't have a real name and have not messaged us when the RSVP closes we will remove you from the attendee list and you will lose your spot. Space is limited. PLEASE CANCEL IF YOU CAN'T MAKE IT!

  • March Meetup, Animations and more

    JetBrains Event Space

    Our March Meetup is going to have two talks, beer (and other drinks) and pizza! ---- *Make your life easier in Gradle multimodule project* Yahor Bednikau (https://twitter.com/Tapchicoma_eng) Splitting monolith to multi-module project is a new trend in Android world. In this talk, I will provide few advices how to make your life easier with Gradle setup in mulimodule project. ---- *Meaningful motion design and how to implement it* Juhani Lehtimaki (https://twitter.com/lehtimaeki), Pierluigi Rufo (https://twitter.com/pierluigirufo) Android apps are not just series of static screens. To create a great app you will have to bring it into life with meaningful, helpful and delightful motion. However, a good design is not worth much unless it gets implemented correctly. In this joint designer-developer talk we discuss the workflow from the idea, to design and development and all the way to user’ hands. We describe when to use motion and when not to as well as selecting the right type and right intensity of motion. We then dive into the best implementation strategies including communicating state, navigation, feedback, tutorial and delightful animations.

  • Febrary Meetup, Coroutines on Android

    Sixt Mobility Consulting GmbH

    Hey everyone, coroutines everywhere, at twitter, reddit, youtube and in your android code. So we thought it is time to get some talks on this topic. 19:00 - meet and greet 19:30 - Introduction to Kotlin Coroutines: what, why and how? (Dmitry Borodin) 20.15 - How to continue work even when children tasks fail or timeout (Wahib Ul Haq) As always, if you want to demo, talk about, ask questions for your hobby projects let us know. There's always time for demos!

  • Munich Mobile Hack Weekend

    Snapp Mobile Germany GmbH

    Munich Mobile Hack Days / Weekends are informal gatherings for people to work on their hobby projects and to hangout with fellow mobile developer nerds. This event is organised together with the Munich iOS Meetup group. There is no program, no schedule, no presentations and no free food (we'll order something together) but drinks are provided by the location sponsor Snapp Mobile! As the space is very small we can invite only around 10 people total. If you want to participate please email me at [masked] directly and answer the following questions. I will confirm each participant personally latest Thursday: 1) Do you plan to come by Saturday / Sunday / both? 2) Do you already have a hobby, side project in mind? If so please tell about it (just 1-2 sentences is enough) 3) Have you attended the GDG Munich Android meetups lately? Note: registration to this event cannot be done via Meetup.com. Email me directly if you want to join!

  • (almost) winter solstice beers

    Bar Niederlassung

    Informal meetup with no set schedule or talks. Just come by and enjoy some drinks and nerdy discussions. Table is reserved under "GDG Munich Android" for 10 people. Seats with first-come-first-seated principal. Note that drinks/food are not free in this event. Please pay your tap before leaving.

  • DACHFest 2018 (DevFest DACH)

    TU Munich

    After last years DevFest Bayern we've finally made it bigger again. This year GDG and WTM chapters of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland are working together. Its called DACHFest this time! And again, it will happening in munich again. Things did change this year: - its a two-day conference - its community driven (speakers our of our own community) - diversity focused - available scholarships - free tickets for TUM students and employees Please visit our website dachfest.com for Tickets and of course, follow us on Twitter @dachfest

  • Android BBQ

    Quartett mobile GmbH

    This meetup is more socializing and enjoying discussions than listening to talks. There will only be one tech talk to have more time for food and fun. 19.15 - Monitoring GPS and Permission checks using LiveData - Wahib Ul Haq 19.30 - Bindables - A Kotlin approach to LiveData - Can Yumusak 20.15 - Beer & BBQ Food and Drinks are sponsored. No need to bring your own meat. There will also be vegetarian food. The schedule is just an estimate. It might change.

  • June Meetup, Theme: UI


    Hey everyone! It's time for our first post-IO meetup. Come hear about animations and layouts in Android. 19.00 -> meet and greet 19.15 -> "From 0 to Material Motion: Creating Animations and Transitions" by Jossi Wolf 20.00 -> "Constraint Layout" by Angelo Rüggeberg As always, if you want to demo, talk about, ask questions for your hobby projects let us know. There's always time for demos!

  • I/O Extended 2018

    Google München

    It's IO time again! Join us for a fun evening: 18:00 - Doors open 19:00 - Keynote Live stream 20:30 - Break 21:00 - "Android Automotive: Bringing Android to Cars" by Chris Carde (founding member of the Android Auto team) 21:30 - Break 21:45 - Developer Keynote Live stream 22:45 - End Google will provide food and drinks.

  • Android April Meetup: Instant Apps & more

    Holidu GmbH

    Welcome back to our meetup with three talks: * Instant Apps: Experience report from the Holidu team with best practices (Andrei Boeru) * ObjectBox Update: What's new in the object DB? (short talk, Markus Junginger) * A simple pattern for in-app navigation (short talk, Hannes Dorfmann) (Talks are in English)