GDG DevFest Nairobi 2019

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It is official! GDG DevFest Nairobi 2019 is going to take place on October 19th.

GDG DevFest Nairobi (described by many as 'Google I/O of Africa'), brings together people who are shaping the future of Android, Web, IoT - Robotics, AI and Cloud technologies for a days of sessions, workshops and networking.

GDG DevFest Nairobi is a 100% community organized conference with
1500+ amazing engineers (embarking on a nomadic journey from all corners of the continent/world), carefully selected tech talks, the best industry experts presenting on the exciting topics and a world-class conference experience.

The pilgrimage is a time honored tradition - "The giants of Tech MUST assemble"! Stay tuned for more update...

GDG DevFest Nairobi Team.