[Angular] Sustainable Architectures, Monorepos & Strategic Domain-Driven Design

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Hello everyone,

You are invited to our very first Angular meetup! We're very grateful for the venue sponsorship from Central Working Reading. Join Manfred's talk on Google Hangout, if you cannot join in person: https://bit.ly/2VvmJ7H.


Manfred Steyer

Trainer, consultant and programming architect with a focus on Angular. Google Developer Expert (GDE) who writes for O'Reilly, the German Java Magazine, windows.developer and Heise. Regularly speaks at conferences.

Sustainable Architectures with Angular, Monorepos, and Strategic Domain-Driven Design

Monorepos allow huge enterprise applications to be subdivided into small and maintainable libraries. This is, however, only one side of the coin: We need to first define criteria for slicing our application into individual parts and we must establish rules for communication between them.

This session looks at a solution provided by Strategic Domain-Driven Design. Using an Angular-based case study, we investigate the idea of the ubiquitous language and the bounded context, sub-domains, and context mapping. Building on this, you will learn how to implement these ideas for Angular using a monorepo. We also discuss approaches for reducing coupling between the specific parts of our monorepo.

By the end, you will have a technical solution and appropriate methodology to build sustainable Angular solutions.

Marcin Ryzycki
Marcin is celebrating 20 years in a web industry this year. He had a chance to work for many years with back-end, DevOps and more recently, with front-end technologies. Currently a frontend lead developer at BlackSwan.com. He loves concept of the browser being a development platform for all apps developed in the future. He loves automation, clean code and good practises. When not by the desk, he enjoys a good read and a fast ride on the bike.

Writing clean, maintainable and beautiful code
80% of time dedicated for programming is spent on reading the code and trying to understand it. Only 20% time or less is spent on writing a new one. What happens when that code gets dirty? How does it affect projects, companies and people working in them? Does it pay off to write better and maintainable code, despite of short deadlines and pressure (often imposed by ourselves) to deliver fast? During this session we will look into how a responsible development wins long-term, how to get there and how it changes everything.

Ashnita Bali
Co-organizer, GDG Reading, Women Techmaker Reading

Creating custom structural directives.
Structural directives are a useful feature in Angular. They let us change the view layout by dynamically embedding views. In this talk we will look at the moving parts of structural directives; the directive class, property binding, view containers, ViewContainterRef API, , TemplateRef, providing context for the embedded views, and the microsyntax for structural directives.

18:30 Food and networking
19:00 - 19:45 Sustainable Architectures with Angular by Manfred Steyer
19:45 - 20:15 Writing clean, maintainable and beautiful code by Marcin Ryzycki
20:20 - 20:50 Creating custom structural directives by Ashnita Bali
20:50 - 21:00 Closing remarks

We look forward to seeing everyone!