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What we’re about

GDG Toronto is a community group gathering self-motivated, collaborative, and genuine individuals who are interested in exploring the possibilities of technologies. We organize study jams, conferences, Google conference extended, speaker sessions, and hackathons. For the past couple of years, we have touched on topics like machine learning with TensorFlow, building cross platform mobile apps with Flutter, cloud database with Firebase, Flutter hackathon, and AndroidTO (now DroidconTO) conference.

GDG Toronto’s mandate is to provide a platform for the community to explore the possibilities of technologies together. At Flutter study jam season 1, for example, everyone knew little about the technologies. However, in every session, participants were sharing the challenges they encountered in their personal projects. Furthermore, they shared how they overcome them with others. People also helped each other cohesively to max their project potentials.

Overall, at our gatherings, it is a safe place for brainstorming and discussions. Whether it is a new beginner, or a highly experienced developer, as long as you are self-motivated, collaborative, and genuine technology enthusiast, we warmly welcome you. For more event information, please check out our meetup page at