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[GDG NYC] Firebase Summit "Extended" Event
The Firebase Summit happens Oct 29 in Prague. We expect a lot of interesting announcements, API updates, new codelabs and more. Plus, Firebase is our favorite Hackathon-platform - and this year, we want to emphasize Firebase with Flutter & Machine Learning! So we have a lot to cover. Join us for our Firebase Summit Extended! Agenda: ======== 4:00 PM COMMUNITY STUDY SESSIONS Bring your laptops and take advantage of 2 hours of quiet study / learning time. Work independently (on projects or codelabs) or join a table for a group learning session. We will have three options to choose from: 1. Firebase Codelabs 2. Machine Learning Crash Course 3. Flutter Study Jam 6:00 PM REGULAR SESSION OPENS Welcome & Announcements from GDG NYC Organizers 6:30 PM FIREBASE SUMMIT RECAP We'll review key announcements from the Firebase Summit including a recap of the keynote, and demos/highlights related to new product or API announcements from the Firebase team. 7:00 PM FEATURE TALK: TBD Speaker/Topic will be announced closer to the date. 7:45 PM FEATURE TALK: FLUTTER ON FIRE / Nitya Narasimhan Flutter is a mobile SDK from Google that allows performant, expressive native apps for Android & iOS to be developed from a single codebase written in Dart. In this talk we'll look at how Firebase+Flutter enables rapid prototyping of feature-rich mobile multi-platform experiences with demos and code. Plus, an early look at opportunities & challenges for integrating machine learning into these apps using ML Kit. 8:30PM DOORS CLOSE

Google NYC - 5TH FLOOR. Please note that the entrance is on 8th Ave closest to 16th St.

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