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Bermondsey Beer Mile - Day and Evening Pub Crawls
As I'm on a rare visit to London, let's have an all day pub crawl at the famous Bermondsey Beer Mile. Feel free to join at any stage of the day, or just come in the evening if that suits you better. We will get to visit most, if not all of the dozen breweries on this stretch of railway arches whilst stopping for food and have a break. Of course it is a chance to discuss the forthcoming meetups to Belgium and Spain and discuss next year's meetups. It would be great to see some old faces and some new members also. The Plan - All approximate times except the 1st one. 11.00 - We will meet nice and early and visit the nearby Fourpure brewery located in rather weird location in a yard near the railway line. Several top level beers available here. 12.00 - Partizan, Affinity and Spartan Breweries - One older and 2 newer breweries within minutes of each other, with Affinity getting rave reviews as a homely and friendly place ( less hipstery ). 14.00 - Recovery period as we walk to the other half of the beer mile, probably missing out The Kernel as it closes at 2pm. 14.30 - Walk to Maltby market area and get some food. 15.30 - Southwalk Brewery - The furthest one that closes at 6pm, so we do this one, it's also cheaper and less hipstery than others before heading back a little. 16.30 - UBrew, Brew By numbers, Moor Beer Co. - A short walk to the experimental tap bar, BBN which is one of the best on the mile and the new brewery of Moor. 19.00 - Hiver, Anspach and Hobday - Hiver only does honey-flavoured beers and gets rave reviews, whilst A&H is an old favourite. 21.00 - London Beer Factory - A new place associated with LBC which produces great beers ( Tesco in cans ) and has a wide range of guest beers and open until 11pm. Feel free to join at any stage, I will try to update locations as I have them on meetup. My number will be posted here before the event. The event is free, but feel free to buy me a small beer for my efforts:)

South Bermondsey railway station

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Welcome to GET OUT OF LONDON! – Hiking, Travel, Day Trips & Adventure

Join one of London’s biggest, friendliest and best organised groups for hiking, walking, travel, day trips, outdoor adventures and much more.

Since August 2010 we’ve been organising a mixture of one day hikes and longer trips in the UK and abroad. We’re a relaxed and friendly group and our emphasis is very much on having fun and making new friends in an enjoyable environment away from all the stresses of the 9 to 5 in London.

We’re a multinational group, full of active, friendly people mainly aged in their 20s, 30s & 40s. With over 19,000 members and regular hiking & travelling events you’re sure to find something to your taste and to meet like-minded people.

We’re a well organised group and try to do everything possible to make sure that you have a great time in an enjoyable, stress free environment. We organise all of the logistics for our trips so that all you need to do is to turn up and enjoy the trip!

What we do

Hiking – day trips

We organise regular one day hikes near London (mostly on a Saturday). Typically we have groups of 30-40 people on our day hikes so you’re certain to meet like-minded people. Don’t worry if you’re new to hiking – we walk at an easy pace along public footpaths through beautiful but easy terrain in South East England. The emphasis is very much on enjoying the scenery and socialising – we’re not a hardcore hiking group! The length of our hikes is 8-12 miles - depending on the time of year and how much daylight there is. All of our hikes have been pre-walked, so you can be sure that we’ll never get lost and will always walk along safe routes. Most of our day hikes start at train stations in Central London – to join the hike you just need to sign up on line and pay using Paypal. The meeting time for all of our day hikes is at around 10am as we recognise that everyone likes to sleep a bit longer at the weekend! At the end of all our day hikes we always go to a village pub for some well earned food, drink and socialising.

Hiking & sightseeing weekends

We organise weekend hiking and sightseeing trips to other parts of the UK throughout the year. Typically there are 20-40 people on our hiking weekends and we stay in hostel accommodation for 1/2 nights. Usually our trips involve one day of hiking and one day of sightseeing. We also book pubs for the group to eat, drink and socialise in after a long day of walking. As ever we put the emphasis on relaxing, having fun and meeting new people. The locations we travel to and our itineraries are as varied as the scenery of Britain. We’ve done hiking in the Cotswolds, along the cliff tops of the Jurassic Coast and up to the tops of the highest mountains in Wales & Scotland. We’ve also done plenty of sightseeing – visiting the historic city of Bath and its Roman baths, riding a steam train from Corfe Castle to the coastal resort of Swanage and walking along the spectacular coastal scenery of Fort William. There’s so much to see in the British Isles and we plan to see as much of it as possible.

Travel - Long weekends of sightseeing & hiking in European destinations

We love to travel and thanks to budget airlines there’s a huge number of exciting destinations in Europe that we can go to for a long weekend. On our travels we like to see European cities and their surrounding countryside from a different perspective from that which tourists usually see them. Ian (the group organiser) has travelled extensively around Europe and has plenty of local knowledge to ensure a fun and eventful itinerary for all our trips at bargain prices. We also like to venture to the more unusual destinations, recently we have visited Moldova and Transdniestr, Ukraine, The Baltic States etc.

Typically our long weekends abroad have 25-40 people. We always stay in hotels – usually sharing twin rooms but with the option to upgrade to a single room. Typically a 3 day weekend will consist of one day of hiking, one day of walking around and exploring the city and one day of doing something fun whilst we wait for our flights home. Our travels are planned in meticulous detail: we sort out the hotels, airport transfers, transport and entrance fees. We’ll also arrange restaurants and guide you around the local nightlife so that you can get the best possible experience at local prices. All you need to do is to book your flights then turn up and have a great time discovering a new city with a sociable group of people. Travelling has never been so easy!

We look forward to meeting you soon on one of our hikes or on our travels across Europe.

Happy Hiking & Travelling!

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