What we're about

We are a group welcoming, singles, couples and married people aged 35+, who would like to come out and socialise to meet new people with the emphasis on having fun in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Our aim is to have a variety of events throughout the week, daytime and or evenings hopefully to suit all interests and tastes. Although we will be posting the events, we want you to remember this is YOUR social group, so we will always be open to event suggestions, which we may ask you to ‘Happy Host’ for us once you have become a paid up member and you've been out on a number of events with us. This may include a meal, a local event, maybe a walk or even something further afield. Please feel free to put forward your ideas.

Please don't feel shy or nervous about coming along especially for the first time, we've all been there so don't worry. At every event there will be plenty of friendly faces including a host or two to welcome you. So come on out and join us as there really is something for everyone, It may even change your life.

If you are uncertain about anything then let us know and we will be happy to help.

All we ask is you provide a clear photograph of yourself and respect other members of the group. We don’t want to lay down lots of rules, common sense and decency should prevail.
To help cover administration costs we will ask you for a one-off membership fee of £10 per person to be paid on your 2nd event

We are also on Facebook for paid members.

Please note when paying a deposit for an event this is non-refundable unless the event is cancelled. All excess funds are used to administer the group.


Our walks are easy going and not for the seasoned hiker. They are for someone with average fitness and abilities. They are leisurely and sociable with distances ranging from 3 to 6 miles at most with stops for refreshments. Walking shoes and boots are advisable for comfort although you can wear what suits you best. If you know or have been on a walk yourself outside of our group tell us about it and maybe we can put that on as a future event.


You are most welcome to bring your dog(s) on our walks providing they are well behaved and kept on leads at all times unless it is safe and allowed to let them run free. The responsibility for keeping them under control lies solely with the owner (s) and not the host and organisers on any given walk we do. This is for the safety of the group and anyone, especially children and other animals we may encounter while we are out walking. Most of us love dogs and bringing them along makes the group feel more friendly, welcoming and approachable. Please also check that any establishment we stop at for refreshments allows pets etc as we don't want you standing out in the rain so to speak. At the end of the day we want you have fun with us and walking with animals can act as a kind of therapy for some people as they are a pleasant and comforting distraction, but what we don't want are any incidents that may arise from uncontrollable pets.

All members can come and go to events as they please, reasons for not going are not required unless its important. Please undo your RSVP if you are not coming on an event in good time to let us know who is. You can leave within an event at any time, but we hope you don't. If lifts are offered then that's down to you if you accept it, but do this with caution especially with new members and ladies, as we want people to arrive home safely or to your chosen event in one piece.

Please remember when joining our group we would like you to have some regular RSVP's to events as we want you to have fun, enjoyable and memorable times with us. We want to see you again and again. That's the whole point of a social group.

All RVSP's are sent to everyone collectively and not individually. Once you become a member your email address is linked to all events and notifications that are published.

Thank you.

Upcoming events (4+)

Pretty Woman The Musical (Cooks Coaches) - GBP 65 ... date confirmed

Some things are worth waiting for.... I spoke to Cooks Coaches today and have reserved us 20 places..... they are holding them for a week (or slightly longer because they know that we are good customers).
So who fancies this. I got us a bargain price of GBP 65 for the coach journey and the tickets are in the STALLS rows P and Q .
There are various pick up points ...SHOEBURYNESS to PITSEA .
Just to give you an idea
I am going to join at the Cricketers - Westcliff at 3pm .But please do check the Cooks Coaches website to look for your best pick up point.
We are due to arrive ,traffic permitting at the theatre at 5.30pm (enough time for a bite to eat and a drink)
The show starts at 7pm and finishes at around 10.30pm
Due back at Westcliff by Midnight.
Obviously times will vary depending on where you get on / get off.
Let's have a really good night out ... with no stress about how to get there OR get home.
Once you click on ... I will send you payment instructions. I would like a decision PLEASE in 7 days as Cooks are doing me a BIG favour here.

Teresa - Vic House Corner , Kiln Road Hadleigh ( 15.24 seat 29 )
Kay - Cricketers Bus Stop Westcliff ( 14.55 seat 30 )
Julie - The Elms Leigh On Sea (15.10 seat 42 )
Emma - Southernhay Long Layby Opposite Bus Station Basildon (15.45 seat 43 )
Karen - The Elms Leigh On Sea ( 15.10 seat 44 )
Wendy - Vic House Corner, Kiln Road Hadleigh ( 15.24 seat 37 )
Deb - Vic House Corner , Kiln Road Hadleigh ( 15.24 seat 38 )
Linda - Cricketers Bus Stop Westcliff ( 14.55 seat 39 )
Ian - Cricketers Bus Stop Westcliff ( 14.55 seat 40 )
Sandra - Cricketers Bus Stop Westcliff ( 14.55 seat 33 )
Andrea - Thames Drive, Leigh On Sea ( 15.15 seat 34 )
Valerie - Chalkwell Park Bus Stop ( 15.05 seat 35 )
Hazel - Chalkwell Park Bus Stop ( 15.05 seat 36 )
Danni - The Elms Leigh On Sea ( 15.10 seat 41 )
Angela Tanner - Cricketers Bus Stop Westcliff ( 14.55 seat 47 )
Helen - Chalkwell Park Bus stop ( 15.05 seat 48 )

Paid for 13 places on 2nd June 2021
Paid for 2 places on 21st June 2021
Paid for 1 place ...

Pier Walk and Lunch at End Of Pier - Royal Pavilion Restaurant (table booked)

Southend Pier and Railway


Thought it might be a nice idea to combine one of our popular walks with lunch at the new Royal Pavilion Restaurant and Bar (at the end of the pier). They serve anything from filled baguettes , jacket potatoes OR fish and chips.
I have booked for 10 people at 12.30

The Fabulous Feedback Band - Hamlet Court - Westcliff

The Hamlet Court

Who fancies joining me at the Hamlet Court Pub to see The Fabulous Feedback Bank . This is probably one of the best 'party' bands you will hear....
Let's have a sing, dance and ENJOY

Heybridge /Maldon 6 mile walk

Daisy Meadows Car Park

Let’s have a little wander around Heybridge/Maldon. Shouldn’t be too muddy but no guarantees on this one, so don’t wear you best shoes.

There is a cafe and pub near the end of the walk, so bring a snack for half way point with option to stop for lunch near the end point should you wish.

Past events (1,089)

Burns Night - The Bull - Hockley - 4 Courses - GBP 22.00

Bull Inn Hockley


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