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Nature our Teacher - a Learning Expedition

Nature has an immense capacity to adapt and survive. To understand how nature adapts, we can study different species and how they adapt and survive in different habitats. Different species in nature are interdependent.

Whenever we are challenged, we can look to nature for ideas and solutions. Nature inspires us to innovate and invent.

Nature our Teacher is a learning expedition for Kids Aged 10 to 15 years that will run for 5 days from 8 am to 5 pm daily. Parents and School Teachers may also join the expedition.

Expedition Design Format

Nature Our Teacher is a learning expedition designed on the principles of experiential education and Systems Thinking for educators and children aged 10-15 years to explore, navigate, observe, reflect and learn directly from nature. The children will be assisted by outdoor and experiential educators and subject matter experts to draw inferences and creating meaningful learning from their experiences

Kids will be taken to different nature places where they will have opportunity to explore and study the local flora and fauna as part of the learning expedition.

Dates: 23-24 Dec. Morning 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Daily.
Parents can drop and pickup the children from Outlife Office in Banjara Hills.

The expedition have the following elements as part of its design:

1. Skill Building

The first Day focuses on building skills which children will use during the final challenge. The idea is to prepare the crew for the final challenge of the expedition. This will include observation skills. making inferences, using tools and field books for research.

2. Working in Crews

we explore and navigate in small crews. The idea is to help children learn how to build on each other's strengths and create a synergy in the group. They need to experience the power of diversity and inclusivity – and how it dramatically increases the richness of ideas, ability to solve problems and capacity to act in crew. As the expedition unfolds, crews will be expected to take more responsibility for the navigation and decision-making. This is important, as it will ensure that the skills learnt before the final challenge become tools for success during the expedition.

3. Final Challenge

Expedition will include one big challenge of creating a book of their learnings. These challenges push crewmembers to find strength that they did not know they had. During the final challenge, the leadership is real and the success is theirs to keep.

4. Reflections and Sharing

Solitude, reflection and silence replenish our energies and open our minds. It is during the reflection that learners make connections between what they experienced during the expedition and the previous knowledge. It is time for constructing new understanding and knowledge, and most importantly, to rediscover and reinvent Self.

5. Service
During service, learners are encouraged to work with communities on real life issues, which gives them an opportunity to practice their new understanding built during the expedition. It also helps them to learn how to contribute meaningfully towards larger community causes and experience the joy of working selflessly. Children also get a first hand experience to empathize and connect with issues of change, equity, justice and denial. The important aspect of service is to experience one's true, larger and abundant self.

The expedition is Designed and facilitated by Diyanat Ali Founder, GHAC and Outlife and Team of experts from Outlife Experiential Education.

Cost: Rs 1800 per head.

Includes Expedition Facilitation, Food and Transport

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