Feed the Hungry - Targeting needy at major hospitals

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Food-One of the great needs of human kind. We do alot to eat food.

The pain of Sleeping with hunger is unbearable. Let's Join our hands in making our poor and homeless people in Hyderabad sleep without hunger for at least one day. Let’s make our best to give one meal for needy. The happiness in listening to someone saying “Anna Daata Sukhibhava” is un-imaginable..

This Joy Of Giving Week, please get us some packed food, so that we can take it to needy.

This event can do its best with volunteers. We need volunteers to talk to people and get food packets from interested people. The minimum target of food packets per volunteer is 50( Don’t worry we can do it). Success of the event will be on the number of volunteers and how fast we can reach out to people.

This event will be conducted throughout Hyderabad, to the best extent possible.

This is how it works:

1. Volunteers to spread the message to their family and friends, interested people to buy/cook food and keep it ready by 3:00 pm

2. Volunteers to Number each packet and write the name of person with the Packet No in a tracking sheet.

3. Collect the promised food from people and bring to collection point by 5 pm.

4. Start donating the food from 5pm,and note the area where the packet of food has been delivered against the packet number in tracking sheet.

5. Complete the activity by 8pm and Join for Get-together at any place depending on the number of volunteers.

Important Points:

1. Need positive mindset and be prepared to go around a bit.

2. Please don’t accept money from those who want to donate. Please accept only food packets. If someone want to give money tell them please buy some food.

3. Let’s give proper meal to the needy, Let’s not accept biscuits packets or chocolates.

4. Please ensure that the food is fresh and edible.

If you prefer we dont food on your behalf, please make payment at the below link


If you need any clarifications, please contact:


Email: [masked]