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Edgar Allan Poe. Mary Shelley. Bram Stoker. Sheridan Le Fanu. Robert Louis Stevenson. Oscar Wilde. Gaston Leroux. Ambrose Bierce. Robert W. Chambers. Howard Phillips Lovecraft. Robert Bloch. August Derleth. Are these some of your favorite authors? Did they write some of your favorite stories? Do you love the movies they inspired, both good and bad? If yes, you may be a fan of Gothic Horror. Join us, the Gothic Horror Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania -- GHASP! Our acronym is a portmanteau of the fiendish "ghast" and the "gasp" you might make at seeing one.

Part book club, part social club, part film club, part writers club, GHASP! will have meetups ranging from book/short story discussions, outings to Gothic locations, movie nights, and even writing critiques, if you are so inclined. Join us on our journey into Gothic Horror and beyond.

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Bibliococktails: Dracula

The Rosenbach

Philadelphia Oddities Expo

Philadelphia Insectarium and Butterfly Pavilion

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