What we're about

Hey ladies!

Need some girl time to recharge from the grind of the week? Over drinks, fresh air, pretty atmosphere and vibes and talk to your new best friends about what's on your mind? Or your week's frustrations? Make new girlfriends for life? Girl time away from your man? And most importantly build a close network of your new girl friends that you always have on hand to call, adventure with, gym it, lunch, coffee or drinks it up?

The larger this network gets the more variety of future best friends / girls network you can make! You never know what you will learn from each female.

You'll always have a woman in your circle to call up and connect with!

(This group will meet up in the Fort Lauderdale or northern Miami area. Once you add yourself to be a member of this group, I can add you to our group chat and we can all plan together where we're in the mood to meet up that week or every other week!)

Meet some modern new girlfriends for life!

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