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Our focus is to help inspire you no matter where you are in the WORLD.

This year we will be arranging events not just in London but also in the Coachella Valley in California and beyond so watch this space!

What does this mean for you:-

We know how busy you all are, the importance of being social, gaining new knowledge for your life and for your business so this year we decided to take GIRLTALK..... GLOBAL.

We want to give you the opportunity to connect with us and others worldwide, to help more WOMEN have a VOICE and a say in their lives, to be STRONGER, to BELIEVE in THEMSELVES, to ENCOURAGE & SUPPORT OTHERS!

There will be a mix of online events, webinars, talks, workshops from 1 - 3 days and for those that are interested retreats and trips. We will still of course have a few girly social nights too!

We know life can be stressful and occasionally lonely too but with GIRTALK-GLOBAL we will CREATE a COMMUNITY where no WOMAN every feels alone..

We all follow our careers, enter into relationships, get swept along in the ups and downs of life and ever so slowly might lose touch with our girlfriends.


Every woman needs great female friends. Their support and comfort to enable her to fulfil her life’s purpose with grace, ease, confidence and love.

Eleanor Roosevelt said "Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends leave footprints in your heart".

At GIRLTALK-GLOBAL, we say, “Live from your HEART, tap into your infinite nature, know that you are LIMITLESS and can BE YOU!'

By allowing ourselves to be in the company of amazing women who inspires us - we too can step up and inspire others too.

We realise that we are not here to live a small life, but to expand, to live a life rich with experience and growth, abundance, joy and happiness.

We known we can contribute to the world in our own individual way and that part of life is discovering how to do this.

GIRLTALK-GLOBAL brings amazing women together, to support and empower each other, create friendships and be inspired.

Each GIRLTALK-GLOBAL event will be led by a speaker, teacher or leader who will create a fun, interesting and interactive experience for you.

We create a haven for women where there is compassion instead of judgement. A place where you can relax, let your hair and your guard down and BE YOU.

Topics range from Love, Relationships, Female Entrepreneurship, Business, Branding, Meditation, Health, Beauty, Empowerment, Food, Soul, Emotions and much more.

Come JOIN US at GIRLTALK-GLOBAL and be a part of an amazing group of women who support each other, inspire each other, grow together and laugh together.

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