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Vector Graphics with Xamarin
We'll be discussing how to use scalable graphic resources in Xamarin applications as an alternative for bitmap images. Instead of creating multiple resolutions of the same bitmap, I'll show various ways of using SVG and other vector resources to have a single image be used for multiple resolutions and platforms. We'll also show how images can be converted to code as structured objects that can be manipulated at runtime. Some familiarity with Xamarin is expected. Chris Miller, Microsoft MVP, is a software architect for Tyler Technologies in Latham, NY with over 20 years of experience writing for the Microsoft stack. He is the leader of the Tech Valley .NET User Group (TVUG) where he helps promote the latest and greatest of Microsoft technologies for the local developers. Chris has been shipping code using Xamarin, ASP.Net MVC, XAML, Azure, SQL Server, and other Microsoft technologies. On the mobile front, Chris has written for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, and is a certified Xamarin Mobile developer and Microsoft MVP. Chris can be found as @anotherlab on Twitter and blogs at He lives in Albany, NY with his wife Anne and their two daughters.

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