How Functional Programming Made Me a Better Developer with Cameron Presley


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How Functional Programming Made Me a Better Developer
With the rise in popularity recently, functional programming has become “”The Next Big Thing””. As of today, there are tons of frameworks and tools that can be used for front-end, back-end, desktop, and mobile development. With that being said, the majority of us are still using object-oriented languages for our day jobs and don’t need to learn functional programming, right?

In this talk, I’ll walk you through my experiences learning functional programming over the last year, how my style of programming has changed, and how I now think about programming with regards to both functional and object-oriented paradigms.

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Slides (SlideShare)

The Book of F#: Breaking Free with Managed Functional Programming by Dave

Haskell Programming from First Principles (Haskell Book) by Christopher Allen and Julie Moronuki

Hexagonal architecture by Alistair Cockburn

Thinking Functionally (series) by Scott Wlaschin

SOLID: The Next Step is Functional by Mark Seemann


F# Jumpstart by Kit Eason

Reid Evans YouTube Channel

Code on the Beach 2018

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