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http://photos2.meetupstatic.com/photos/event/d/7/7/a/event_147475162.jpeg GMO-FREE Phoenix (http://gmo-freephoenix.com) is an non-GMO educational movement for everyone that wants to learn more about the dangers of GMOs and help spread the word so others can do the same!

Your level of involvement can range from simply attending educational events and then spreading the word to your neighbors, co-workers or loved ones or you can become more active and opt to host events at your home, place of business or local community center. Moving forward there will also be volunteer opportunities posted as needed as a collaboration effort with other Arizona and National Non-GMO Organizations.

GMO-Free Phoenix aims to help average consumers and food activists alike rally together in an effort to stay informed on important GMO/biotech issues, share ideas and take action as part of the nationwide Non-GMO Tipping Point Network and Campaign for Healthier Eating in America. Opportunities to volunteer for Arizona GMO labeling initiatives, March Against Monsanto and other organic industry or legislative calls-to-action will be posted here as well with an emphasis on bringing GMO awareness and education to the forefront of consumers so they can make an informed decision to help create the 'Tipping Point' with GMOs.

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) also known as and genetically engineered (GE) foods line an estimated 80% of US grocery store shelves. The DNA of these organisms are manipulated and injected with bacteria and viruses for a short definition. Long term clinical trials on human health, the environment and biodiversity simply do not exist but documented studies currently show these toxic GE ingredients can cause major health issues from kidney and liver damage to reproductive issues just to name a few.

Currently, foods that contain GMOs are NOT required by the FDA to be labeled in the US. Until laws are in place to require labeling the burden is on the average consumer to know what's on your plate!

As a member of the Institute for Responsible Technology's (IRTs) Non-GMO Tipping Point Network this group aims to help educate individuals and families about the health risks and dangers of consuming genetically modified organisms (GMOs) while also identifying alternative food options to sustain a healthier lifestyle.

As a direct response to IRTs call to action, we support the Campaign For Healthier Eating in America http://photos3.meetupstatic.com/photos/event/c/5/0/event_140643152.jpeg which is aimed to help consumers switch brands to avoid GMOs as they shop. The tipping point is estimated to be 5%. This means if 5% of the US population boycotts buying genetically engineered (GE) brands it will trigger an industry-wide cleanout. The reasoning is simple...if we don't buy it they won't make it. Europe has already successively demanded a higher quality food supply and today has a ban on all GM ingredients. This group represents part of the 5% that makes a difference here in Phoenix!

As a GMO-FREE Phoenix member you can expect to;

Understand the nature of GMOs and the negative impact on your health, the environment and http://photos4.meetupstatic.com/photos/event/1/a/b/a/event_140646842.jpeg biodiversity so you can then effectively advocate against GMOs to your own sphere of influence and get them to join the movement
Effectively read and identify genetically modified ingredients on food labels to eliminate them from your shopping cart and boycott immediately
Get involved with like minded individuals and take action to help build community awareness and support GMO labeling initiatives and various other legislative calls-to-action both nationally and in Arizona.

http://photos4.meetupstatic.com/photos/event/1/2/c/2/event_149224802.jpeg Please visit http://GMO-FREEPhoenix.com and subscribe to our blog for ACTION UPDATES and current GMO news. There you can also easily share this Non-GMO movement with your facebook friends and twitter followers.

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Host a Non-GMO Movie Night or Pot Luck & Get Your Event/Business Featured Here!

If your interested in hosting a film screening at your home, business or local community center, GMO-Free Phoenix is able to lend Genetic Roulette, The Future of Food or Bitter Seeds (with all public screening rights) on a weekly basis. If you decide to host, please understand these are entirely self-hosted events based on your own schedule. Depending on the size of your event we may be able to coordinate a guest speaker. However guest speakers are not guaranteed.

Please email [masked] with the following information to coordinate pick up and/or delivery of the film you want to screen. Please put 'HOST MOVIE NIGHT' in the subject line.

Date/time (include start and end time) Movie of choice to screen (The Future of Food, Genetic Roulette, Bitter Seeds) Exact location with detailed directions Maximum attendees permitted If there will be food/drink provided please specify If it is a potluck where attendees need to bring food, please specify Once the date/time is firmed up via email your event will be announced on this Meetup page, Facebook and our website and if your a business owner your business will be highlighted as a 'Venue Sponsor'. You will also be listed as the host for your event.

Help get the the discussion going in your neck of the woods! Everyone can learn together and the films are very informative. The GMO discussion can get pretty depressing at times. Focus on the POSITIVE, which is...WE CAN BRING AWARENESS AND CREATE CHANGE BY VOTING WITH OUR DOLLARS!

If you have a health related movie you would like to donate or lend to the group for a screening please email us at [masked].

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