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Welcome to Atlanta's longest-running, women's-only social group! The ORIGINAL GNO! Are you new to the Atlanta area or just want to meet new girlfriends? We make it easy to meet and make new friends. Join the best women in all of meetup and let's explore all that Atlanta has to offer.

We offer different types of activities for women of all ages. We don't discriminate as to whether you are married, single, divorced, have kids or not - we're all about getting groups of women together to make friends and have a great time. A girl always needs a new BFF!

We make an effort to hold things at different times so everyone can join us.

Check out our calendar of events. I'm sure you will find an activity, event or social that appeals to you. Regardless, you will make new friends and have a good time - so come join us for an event soon!!

Girl's Night Out Atlanta, the letters GNO and its logo are registered servicemarks.

Any use of the group's name, likeness or logo is not allowed without the express written permission of Girl's Night Out Atlanta.

Upcoming events (4+)

GNO Virtual Event: Free! Soul Line Dancing Class

Online event

Hey GNO!

Be! Creative Arts Center is local to Atlanta and since the pandemic they have been giving Free Virtual Soul Line Dancing Classes every (or most) Tuesdays at 8:00 PM!

You can watch live on facebook ---> Their facebook link is: https://www.facebook.com/becreativeartscenter/

Or can enter your email on their registration page (link below) and they'll send you a Zoom link that way (you just have to choose a date first) and they'll automatically send you the Zoom link for that class!

If you prefer the Zoom link here's the registration page for Tuesday, May 11 at 8:00PM ---> https://www.becreativeartscenter.com/events/soul-line-dance-tuesday-live-05-11-21

(I wont be able to attend the May 11 class due to a schedule conflict - but I plan on attending the following one.) I'll make a comment if/when I'm attending. ;-)

Here's their website: https://www.becreativeartscenter.com/public-events

*I've been meaning to set-up a virtual Paint Party with them but they are so popular that you'll notice that most are either private parties or are sold out! And they require a $90.00 deposit so...I see this in our future but some money will have to be allotted or collected first before I make a deposit like this! ;-)

*If you'd be interested in hosting a virtual paint party please comment below. Or send me a DM. ;-)

Disclaimer: I suggest starting right at 8:00PM better yet, 7:55PM. ;-) And I highly suggest stretching before this class on your own! **And please get a Doctors note if you need. GNO ATL will not be liable for anyone taking this class if they happen to get hurt.**

FYI: I would say that they're more beginner/intermediate level. The good thing is that since they're virtual, you can watch first or do some of the 'moves' that are comfortable for you to start with and go from there. Or you can simply watch first to see if it's even something within your capacity (or not).

I'm going to list this as a weekly class although I won't be attending every class.

Please communicate and comment below if you're planning on attending and take a photo if you can! We can still connect 'virtually'. ;-)

Regardless, let's keep in contact and comment below (if we're attending) and keep in touch!

Hope to see you there! And enjoy if you attend!

GNO Organizer

Celebrate National Ice Cream Cone Day (StoneCrest)

Double Scoop Ice Cream

From the dawn of time, everyone from philosophers to the the man or woman on the street has scratched their confused heads over this mind-boggling question — how can you hold and eat ice cream in your hands without making a mess? This September 22, celebrate the long-awaited answer — National Ice Cream Cone Day — by taking a bite into America’s favorite way to eat a cool, sweet treat!

Before the invention of the ice cream cone, there was no good solution to the hassle (not to mention the mess) of eating an ice cream without dripping the stuff down your arms or down your chin and ruining your clothes. But thanks to this so-simple-it’s-incredible-nobody-thought-of-it-earlier innovation, now we’re free to indulge ice cream cones in waffle-style, pretzel, chocolate-coated, wafer, sugar and more. So, feel free to enjoy these waning hot days by getting your favorite cone (my personal favorite is chocolate-coated waffle!) and celebrate National Ice Cream Cone Day.

We will meetup at Double Scoop Ice Cream (African-American and women owned) and place our order for your favorite flavor or try something new. Bring a chair so we can tailgate in the parking lot and have some girl chat while we eat our dessert. I'll bring hand sanitizer, too.

Hula Hoop Fitness

The Lawrenceville Lawn


Join us Saturday morning for some fun core toning cardio and hoop fitness.

If you don’t know how to hula hoop come learn!

Class is only $5
Cashapp $Vinoschick

Wear comfortable fitted clothes.
Bring water bottle

Follow the flow life on IG:

See you there!

"Earn Your Saturday" FREE Virtual Workout

Online event

Hey, ladies! We found another virtual workout series for you! It's hosted by male coaches/trainers, but the classes are co-ed and for all ages and fitness levels. Check them out!

LINK: Here's the zoom info:


Password: EYSFitness


DATE/TIME: every Saturday at 9:55am EST

COST: Free! Donations are accepted (info TBA)

HOSTED BY: Earn Your Saturday Fitness: https://instagram.com/earnyoursaturdayfitness?utm_medium=copy_link

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Monday Morning Guided Meditation

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