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GO! (Gethsemane Outdoors) hiking and outdoors group heads into the beautiful Southern California land and seascapes once a month to re-energize our spirits, re-engage with others and restore that balance that traffic, stress and cubicles have stripped away. Hiking, kayaking, sledding and more are all practically (if not literally) at our doorstep, so we should get out there!

Originally started as the outdoors group at our church (Gethsemane Lutheran in Mar Vista) with members and close friends, we welcome anyone interested in a morning in the sun (or marine layer ... cancelled for out-and-out rain). We meet the second Saturday of each month at 10:00 am either at the outdoors destination or at a central parking location (we will probably leave from Gethsemane - easy parking, gated and secure while we're away) from which we can carpool to the destination.

Anyone interested in getting outdoors is welcome to join. Of course, hiking and other outdoor events do have a certain level of risk and that risk is assumed by each of the participants in the event. Please always wear take reasonable precautions to prevent injury or negative impact from outdoor activities by wearing proper hiking boots, sunblock, bringing water and snacks to keep up energy.

Hope you can join us outside! God bless!

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Hiking - El Moro Canyon loop

El Moro Canyon Trail

We didn't get to do this hike in November because I was sick that whole week. Hopefully no repeats of that this time! Please, please be sure to answer the rsvp question to provide the organizer with a contact number, and also make a note of mine (Rachel[masked]). If I do not have contact information for you, you will be un-rsvp'd. Thanks! Hi everyone! We rarely venture into the OC other than kayaking in Sunset Beach, so I thought maybe an adventure (ha!) was in order. Crystal Cove SP was one of the first places I went hiking when I moved back from NYC in '03 and I just love being there. If we do the entire loop, that is, always bear to the left, it's +/- 9mi and +/- 1850' elevation change. It is an incredibly fun workout as you hike through three different canyon. A lot of up and down, lots of great views - just great fun. For a trail map from the SP, you can go here (http://www.crystalcovestatepark.org/map-of-hiking-trails/). We will be taking the red trail around the whole park. The state park's site has an excellent description of all of the hikes in the park and you can see on the map the distances for each leg. After the hike, we'll head over for lunch in Laguna or Newport, but I haven't found a place yet (thinking Whole Foods in Fashion Island - great beer and wine selection in their restaurant). Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed on this hike. There are some pretty intense mountain bikers on these trails, and I've had some run-ins with wildlife while hiking alone that I wouldn't want a dog involved with, so I understand why. Sorry pup! We'll head out to lunch after in Newport, maybe Fashion Island Yard House. Up to the group!

Hiking: Echo Mountain in Altadena, lunch after at The Slaw Dogs in Pasadena

Hi everyone! This hike is a little bit farther away than our other hikes, so please note the 8:45am carpool time. Directions to meet at site: To get to the trailhead: From the 210 Freeway in Pasadena, take exit 26 and head north on Lake Ave. Drive 3.5 miles to the end of the road and find street parking. The trailhead is on the right, just before the road turns sharply to the left and becomes East Loma Alta Drive. Trailhead address: 3302 Lake Avenue, Altadena, CA 91001 Trailhead coordinates:[masked], [masked] (34° 12′ 14.58″N 118° 07′ 50.16″W) This is one of the best hikes in SoCal. It takes us 5.8 miles with a 1503' elevation gain up a steady climb to the ruins of a resort, the Echo Mountain House, from the start of the last century. Here is a VERY DETAILED description of the hike (https://socalhiker.net/echo-mountain-via-the-sam-merrill-trail/). This is a great detailed description of the hike and some of the history of the incline railway that took visitors up to the resort, as well as Sam Merrill's work to preserve the hike for future generations. The big payoff for all that climbing is the ruins, yes, but especially the Echo Phone which I've never seen myself, but can't wait to try out. Dogs are allowed on the trail, but it is a long climb. Parking at the site is street parking and it's free (woohoo! free parking!). I checked around for some fun food and found the Slaw Dogs just down Lake on our way back to the 210 and home post-hike. If you google them, be sure to check out the Pasadena location. Here's their menu (http://www.theslawdogs.com/pas-menu.html) as well. This place shares it's front outside dining space with two other restaurants (UPick Cafe - Mediterranean and Sausalito - Mexican), so if a gourmet hot dog isn't up your alley, there are other options right there. Also, PolkaTots Cupcakery is in the same parking lot for dessert! Be sure to let us know whether you are meeting us at Gethsemane to carpool or at the site, so scroll down the page when you rsvp to the rsvp questions. Some of you who rsvp on the meetup app sometimes can't get to the rsvp questions. If this is your situation, please email the organizers and let them know. We can update your rsvp accordingly. Thanks! - Rachel

Hiking - Big Santa Anita Canyon So much fun!!!!! We LOVE this hike!!!!!

***Please note: You MUST answer the RSVP questions to provide a contact phone #. If you do not, I'll ask once before the event, but if still no response, the organizers will un-RSVP you. Thanks!*** Hi everyone! We always have so much fun on this hike!!! One time we went to the left and up, up, up to Mt. Zion and then down to Sturtevant Falls on the way out. I think that was a really great choice, but we'll decide when we get there. If you haven't done this hike, you absolutely have to. It's the best. There's this cool camp at the halfway point with coffee and cocoa and this huge swing that we play on ... So you can understand why it's such a popular place. Since it is a longer hike and this is a very popular place, we're going to head out early - 8AM!. I set the meetup-time for 7:30 am to encourage everyone to get the heck on up there EARLY!!! Modern Hiker noted: "We strongly recommend you get to the trailhead as early as humanly possible to avoid the parking nightmare here. Parking along the winding canyon road can be more than enough to ruin your hiking trip — and notoriously spotty signage may result in a hefty parking ticket from L.A. County Sheriffs if you aren’t hyper-vigilant." So please be extra careful where you park. Please note that if you arrive really close to our hike start time, you can valet park at the Pack Station. It's $20 (which includes your Adventure Pass, I believe). I know - costy, but then you're not holding up the whole group for a half hour while you find a spot down the road. You will need an Adventure Pass which is available at Big 5 or also at the 7-11's near to the hike's location. Be sure to arrive in Arcadia with enough time to potentially have to hike into the trailhead to meet. The hike itself is either 8.7 or 9.5 miles with either a 1660' or 1800' elevation gain. The two hike descriptions seem to be starting and ending at the same place, so I cannot account for the discrepancy, but for the more conservative distance description, click here (https://modernhiker.com/hike/hiking-santa-anita-canyon/), and for the heck-that-rounds-up-to-ten-miles-so-WOW-I'm-awesome description, please click here (https://www.hikespeak.com/trails/santa-anita-canyon-loop-in-the-san-gabriel-mountains/). If anyone is able to tell me the difference in the two, I'd be grateful. This is a dog-friendly hike, but be aware that there are horses and pack mules in case your best friend isn't so friendly toward large beasts of burden. After the hike, let's head down into Casa del Rey in Sierra Madre, the Mexican restaurant that we always go to. :-) We talked about carpooling from the entrance up to the trailhead, but I will try coordinating that closer to the event. Carpool will likely not be available for this event. - Rachel [masked]

Parker Mesa via Los Liones Trail

Gethsemane Lutheran Church

PLEASE BE SURE TO ANSWER BOTH RSVP QUESTIONS (contact # and where you are meeting the group). YOU WILL BE UN-RSVP'd IF THE INFORMATION IS NOT PROVIDED. THANKS! Hi all! This should be an awesome hike. I think we did this a few years ago, but it's been a while. We will meet at the site, right at the trailhead pictured above at 10AM. The address listed for the trailhead is 501 or 510 Los Liones Pacific Palisades, CA. I have seen both in hike descriptions. Carpool will meet at 9AM at Gethsemane. Please note that there is minimal cell reception at the trailhead. If you are running at all late the morning, the second you know, please text me -[masked] (Rachel). The hike is a 7.3 mile with a 1580' elevation gain, listed as moderate. Sounds perfect for a spring hike!! Unfortunately, doggies are not welcome on the hike. It is noted in the hike descriptions that fleas are quite common on this hike, so not sure you'd want the pupper along even if allowed. For a great hike description, please check out : https://socalhiker.net/los-liones-canyon-parker-mesa-overlook/ We will find somewhere to eat after lunch - thinking Duke's, but if everyone's tired of mai tais ... how do you get tired of mai tais? - Rachel

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