What we're about

Workshops focus on the emotions that hinder our ability to create peace and harmony in our lives. Visit our website at http://www.gods-gift-to-the-world.com for information and videos.

You will learn how to have fear, anger guilt, forgiveness issues, loneliness, shame, betrayal, self-worth issues, etc. dissolve instantly.

If you know anyone that is suffering through life because of emotional turmoil, bring them to this workshop. It's not necessary that anyone reveal their private thoughts or situations for this miracle to occur.

You will learn how to create "Power Blessings". Very few people in the world know exactly what happens when you bless someone. Once you know this well kept secret, you will be able to customize blessings for various situations.

You will learn how to achieve 100% alignment with GOD, the Creator and Source of all that is, instantly and confirm the alignment is complete and total.

If you or people you know are suffering from chronic pain of any type, you may want to strongly suggest that they plan on attending a workshop.

* Fibromyalgia

* Arthritis

* Joint Pain

* Inflammatory disorders

Expect Miracles!

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